Any plans to support Samsung Health for smart scales?

Love the scale but I recently switched from Google Fit to Samsung Health for tracking measurements. Right now I’m using a third party to sync from Google Fit to Samsung Health but ideally I could just upload directly to Samsung Health. I’m hoping this feature is being planned and looking at documentation from Samsung should be easy to implement.

Yes I have the sam health tracker. It footsteps.

On days when I’m not able to go out, it sends me messages… Don’t give up now, your doing so well! lol I do on average around 4k steps when out… For me and my health that’s a huge amount.

Link these 2 would be a good idea, and.prob just an update

that would be nice.

I use both Google Fit and Samsung Health and I really don’t like either one. I’ve been using myfitnesspal for a few years and I find it to be more useful. Plus it synces with strava and MapMyFitness.

Ditto, I’ve been using Samsung health since my S7 and love seeing the “you hit your goal” notifications. Took me a while to get into the swing of things, but I can’t remember a day that I did not hit my 10k step mark.

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10k wow that’s a dream, that ain’t gonna happen! lol

If I break 5k I’m really chuffed, but extremely knackered. Then again, with double sciatica, and a collapsing back, that’s doing pretty good to be honest.

Same here, everyday I’m doing 10k to 17k depending on the day and how I am feeling

My wife keeps asking me why I keep losing weight, and all I can tell her is walking around at work non-stop when I can (I have a desk I.T. job) as well as I walk the dog every single night, rain or shine. I have never really been overweight ever (thanks to my parents passing on a super high metabolism), but it just makes me feel better when I can get out and get some steps in, especially at work. I see so many people at work that go out to eat daily and never leave their desks, only to wonder why they are gaining so much. It got bad enough to the point that my work started a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition yearly now, just so people have an incentive to lose some lbs. Last years prize (after everyone paid in like $30 each) ended up being $2500 for first place after my work kicked in their own share too. People went crazy with working out after that lol.