Any plans for Anker app

I don’t know if this has been asked before…

I do not like the way and its sister addresses open on mobile platform.
Are there plans to have an anker app for mobiles? This is strictly for forum, powerdraw, poweruser etc. and not for controlling devices.

I really like how reddit has made a fantastic mobile app and would love to have anker make one as well.


I will leave it up to @AnkerOfficial to share any details, but let’s just say that it’s being looked into as a possibility for the future!


Yup, this has been asked many times before. From tapatalk to discord and other mobile forums. But as @joshuad11 mentioned its best that @ankerofficial respond to this as best they can


As the others have mentioned this has been request many times in the past. Since I spend most of my time on my phone or tablet, it would be nice to use an app instead of a mobile browser.


Yes indeed a well programmed application is much more than useful.
This is a kind of “store sign” of a company.
I didn’t know that the ANKER application is that lousy or better non existing, as I enter always via laptop at home.
(Old pensioner as I am)

But when I took a look at the app of the Flare,
I was more than disappointed.
And as an retired computer engineer I must confess this application is really %/"§%/%§! (censored)

A company with such good products should be able to create good applications!
Use JAVA and the library (A student in the 3. semester studying computer science here is able to create a fine application)

Go on ANKER :
Its your turn now! :sunglasses:

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Yep it’s been asked before as a few others have already mentioned. There was even a response from @AnkerOfficial that if it was workable and enough interest it could be worked into a future forum update…but no ETA or decision has been announced…



Is there anyone in the community that fancies making an app I wonder? Any developers here?

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Well, it would come in handy… :slight_smile:

Only person I know capable, is too busy, plus they’re apple only.

Even their company name, is a play on iPhone!

He moved his company from England to silicon valley.

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Interesting, I think an app could be useful! Good to know that they are looking into it. I’d definitely download it. Also if it could include an area for us users to participate in the forums straight from the app.

Yes, an App would be nice for the following reasons:

  • Notifications
    • Replies
    • Points earned
    • Samples
    • Contests
  • Access to photo library for easier posting. Makes it easier to do reviews while you’re on the go.
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Similar to how browser notifications work in macOS, it would be nice to have the option for browser notifications on mobile operating systems, as well.

Hope we get some answers from the ANKER gurus!
Weekend is over soon, so we are waiting!


Can’t image I just saw this thread…
Well, I must say that we are already dealing with this, if everything runs smoothly, you can see our community successful access to discourse APP this year.:grin:


Awesome news Anker. I think it will also encourage others to take part more often as it will be a lot easiest :ok_hand:

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I FB n Twit and linkden through an app. In fact on a mobile if it’s not on an app, you can sometimes lose.

I’d also like to see a generic soundcore app, instead of the one JUST for the flare… Also with an app, you can send.updates on software via the BT to the device. Maybe even… Turn on soundcore app… Auto turn on BT on device (which MAY solve some of the connection issues??), and set audio eq etc… All this can happen by just opening the app.


Thats great news. Thanks for updating us!

Patiently waiting.
Well perhaps not patiently :wink:

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In my opinion, Anker has a great website, this forum is great and their subreddit is up and running nicely, but they are lacking an app and I’ll tell you why I think so. First off the people that are dedicated to Anker, loyal customers, Power Users, Forum Users or just people who generally like Anker products need 1 place where all these different #Anker “Access Points” can all be narrowed down. Now I am NOT saying that the app should contain this entire forum, or their site or reddit, but it would be nice to be able to open an app and see all replies, messages, likes etc. from all those different sources so that one knows where to log onto in order to help people, ask questions or just generally get updates about Power User/Draw deals and any other notifications one may receive who is on the sites. Obviously, it would have Anker’s and their “sub-companies” Roav etc., products listed as well. Does anyone have an opinion? Unnecessary? Awesome? If you like the idea, what would you like to see in the app?

Since the site, and forum are very mobile friendly an app seems pretty unnecessary.

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