Any plans for a 4K Dashcam?

I will like to see a 4K Dashcam, hopefully with some great option. So far the main issue with Dashcams is that license plates cannot be distinguish on video with 1080p(most at the time at least). I wonder if 4K will solve that problem.


I’ve seen some videos and you are right those license plates are kinda hard to read. Let’s hope 4k dashcams will solve that issue. I would wait some time to get a better resolution dashcam… I am hoping this is upcoming in the very near future. My luck is I decide on getting a dashcam now then a week later they promote their newest 4K dashcam.

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Maybe it’s more the quality of the lens and dirty windows.

When I was at college, I used (even back then they were considered dinosaurs) an old practika camera with Zeis lenses … Good camera, very basic, but the lenses were fantastic. I could use a more modern camera and the pictures on the same film, didn’t seem to be as sharp.

This is why some phone manufacturers are using glass on the cameras instead of the old scratchy plastic.

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The majority of issues I’ve seen with plates not being ‘view-able’ on dashcams if often down to the overall placement in the windscreen i.e. catching reflections from windshield (which would hinder focus) and overall light conditions (low light / bright light) which no doubt would still occur at 4k but would be improved with an introduction of a UV or adjustable polarizing filter…

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 4K dashcam before

There are a few…the Nextbase 612GW & Aukey come to mind outside of the generic OEM china variations…you can also use a few action cameras as a dashcam, most of which tout 4k capability as standard…

Good lenses are very expensive and need to be manufactured very carefully.
I dont think such ones are integrated in phones.

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