Any other brand?

What other brands or pruducts do you use besides Anker for charging your things?

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To be honest I still have my original charging cable from my iPhone along with the power brick still in the iPhone box unused. I only use Anker cables and power ports to charge my devices, not only are they superior to OEM ones but they are available in sizes up to 10 feet which is very appealing to me and comes in handy. Prior to discovering Anker though I used the factory OEM cables only.


I use a Mophie charging case for my Samsung Galaxy S6 only because I love having a case to charge my phone & not have to deal with cables to charge my phone when I’m just quickly out running errands.

Anker doesn’t make charging cases for Samsung phones yet but as soon as they do I’ll be buying them. :slight_smile:


Choetech, I have a 6 port of which 2 are USB-C, and their solar panel. Anker don’t make a dual USB-C charger, and their solar panels have a flimsy pouch so heavy items like batteries easily fall out.

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Only Anker. I had a ZeroLemon power pack once. It was horrendously designed and built even worse. Anker seem to have far better quality build than the rest.


No only Anker or Manufacture product provided.

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