Any Google+ Users Here?

I’m guessing not, which is part of the reason that Google is shutting down their social network. However, the bigger reason is due to an undisclosed bug that potentially allowed developers access to private profile data via the Google+ APIs.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Google have disclosed this security bug to the public when it was discovered?


I was a big google + user for the longest time, but I took most of my info down and strictly used it to follow and see some custom cars that shops make and present around the world.

I was a bit disappointed they didnt disclose the breach for so long, but it just made it worse for themselves and now they have to save face. We all may live Google,but just like any big corporations they are also evil

Technically, everyone with a Google profile also had a Google+ profile.

I never really used it, but the concept and inner working was good, with just the few ideas that would make Facebook better for interaction. That said, I abandoned most social media last year - I manage the social media of the non-profit I work for, and that’s already enough.

The internet in general, and social media in particular, proved themselves as quite the social experiment. Not sure I like the results, though.

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That’s too bad, I preferred the Google+ UI over Facebook. R.I.P. Google + as for Google not disclosing the breach it is truly shameful and not googly at all

We live in an age where a lot of corporations are being hacked and millions and millions of people’s user data/financial data is being stolen and sold. Most if not all do not disclose the hacks until months later I feel like any company that does expose the breach immediately will be set ahead of the pack and more trustworthy in my and the public’s eyes and ultimately Do Better Business being more trustworthy.

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Google has a sad history of developing good tools that ultimately get discarded. I was a beta tester for the Google Wave, a tool way ahead of its time that was simply great, and inspired Slack - which is a way of not saying Slack simply copied Google Wave with better design - the Wave was great, but a bit ugly. The Google Inbox is amazing, a shame they will discontinue it next year. It’s way better than Gmail, I’m already suffering the readaptation… And indeed G+ was better overall than Facebook, if only it did had anyone in there…

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I remember being excited because I got a Google+ invite before most of my friends, but I think I only used Google+ a handful of times before I gave up on it. :joy:

As a fan of (the now discontinued) Google Reader and (the soon to be discontinued) Google Inbox, I’m becoming more and more wary of getting hooked on Google’s services. :disappointed:

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I was sure Google Inbox would replace Gmail… Still don’t get why they don’t keep it alive.


I never took part in any such a social network and will not do it in the future.
You might call me a “Neanderthaler”. This is what I am! :joy:

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Nope, never have. Looked into it once, thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever used, and stopped using it.

Have one and never used it lol