Any Chance of a SmartLock maybe?

I’d love to see them make a SmartLock. Touchpad to unlock and using their battery technology would be awesome.

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Smart key. Or a coding system.

Hell ya, even that would be awesome.

Like a key fob or something for when you are walking to and from a door at a certain range a lock would switch to the other position

I know there are bluetooth ones that do that, as soon as you are in range, it’ll unlock. Or you use an app to lock it… BLuetooth and Wifi.

The thing with an app is it requires a hand to operate it. Think about minivans and SUVs that have the foot sensor to open the doors.

Makes sense, I believe those only work when the key FOB is in range… Right?

I believe so. Probably for safety reasons. Fingerprint scanner or pupil scanner would be high tech security

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either way, i’d love to see it happen

Agree. Anker makes quality products!!

I think that would be pretty cool. Would this go more in the Eufy brand of products?

I’ve seen a few adverts recently for bt controlled locks, but this morning, I saw 1 with fingerprint.

It can store shot.liads of fingerprints for.multiple users, by app

Battery should.last 1 year… Says rechargeable… Do you leave the secured item.unlocked while you recharge, I don’t know

Would love to see Anker or Eufy make a smart lock and also a video doorbell or security light.

Hope it wasn’t this one…I don’t see many sales going forward unless it gets updated :laughing:

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