Anti-jamming functionality for cameras?

First of all, Hi to all the community members here. I’m new to the club :).

I am planning on switching to the entire Eufy platform by purchasing Eufycam 2’s first. However, I am wondering whether Eufy has, or plans to develop functionality regarding anti-jamming @AnkerOfficial . Basically I am looking for countermeasures that entails two key functionalities;

  1. Targeted channel jamming of camera’s by overloading the current channel it’s operating on. A countermeasure could be ‘frequency hopping’ by it’s homebase which is a rather simple countermeasure because it can be mitigated by point 2.
  2. Jamming entire 2.4Ghz range with significant overload. A countermeasure is to implement an algorithm that “recognizes” interference on the 2.4Ghz band and will send an alert to the sys admin.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @W1B!

Thank you for letting us know your concern about this case.

We have quickly checked with our specialist team. Our WiFi feature currently uses a standard protocol and it does not do FM processing.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again at We’re always ready to help!

Thanks again for all your support. Have a lovely day!

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