Another Soundcore Spirit Pro Review

Still trying to figure out if the Bluetooth latency is due to old version of IOS (10.3.3) running on my iPhone SE.
Since it has no issue on mac book air with latest os version, I’m not too concerned. I did reach out to Anker support and they offered to help (great customer service).
Did some more testing, looks like its a codec issue.
Any video that I shot with my iphone has no latency (thus no audio/video sync issue). Issue is worst with ios youtube app (almost 0.5 sec delay in audio). With youtube loaded on ios safari or chrome the issue is much reduced (~0.1-0.2 sec delay in audio).
I’m not an expert in audio codec area so please do chime in.

UPDATE: Bluetooth Latency
I’m experiencing really bad bluetooth latency with these earphones (when connected to iPhone SE running IOS 10.3.3). It is almost 0.5 sec.
I’m not happy with the latency because it makes watching youtube on my phone almost unbearable. The strange thing is that I do not see this latency with Macbook Air running 10.13.5. Will contact Anker about it.

There are plenty of Soundcore Spirit Pro reviews already posted so I’ll keep it short and to the point.

Exterior: It comes in attractive blue/white box.
Contents: Inside the box are following items
Earphones, extra ear tips, extra earwing tips, shirt clip, cable clip, carry pouch, warranty card, user manual and happy/not happy card.

Input - 5V, 0.5A
Charging Time - 1.5 hours
Play Time - 10 hours
Weight - 17g, 0.6Oz
Impedance - 16 Ohms
Driver - 6mm x 2
Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Bluetooth Ver - V4.2
Range - 10m/33ft
Earphone wire length - 24 inch
microusb charging port is not covered. Anker is confident of waterproofing even without cover.

Sound, fit and feel:
Out of box sound quality is amazing. It is slightly bass rich. Mid and treble are great. Overall listening experience is very enjoyable.
It is very light weight and fits great. I really like the wing tips. It helps to keep the earphones in place while doing various activities.
It is to be noted that these tips are in-ear canal type and provides very good isolation.
These earphones have dual equalizer (can be activated by pressing play and volume up button together for a sec).
In the second equalizer mode sound becomes more bass rich. In my opinion the second mode is not very useful since default sound mode is already bass rich. But this is very subjective as per music and user preferences. It’s good to know that bass boost mode is there if needed.

Other Observations:
These earphones have magnetic head (where soundcore label is printed) and this is extremely useful feature as you can stick the two pieces like a necklace when earphones are not in use.
I found the included carry pouch to be on the smaller side. It is useful to store the extra ear tips, ear wingtips, etc but is too small to store earphones comfortably (puts too much fold on the wire).
Earphones are exactly 24 inch long. This is a perfect length (well done Anker).

Target Users:
These are great for active users (for running, gym, swimming, etc). I found these extremely useful at my work. I can discreetly listen to music/radio and can hang it when not in use. I also use these as bluetooth handsfree while driving (keeping only one side in ear). These are my everyday earphones. 10 hour battery life is also great to have.
Some pictures of the earphones are below.


Great review! I am slightly surprised that Anker didn’t include a hard zip-up case, like they did with the SoundBuds Slim+.

How is that fabric-looking case? The one that comes with the original SoundBuds Slim (looks exactly like this one) is just awful- it frays, then the metal pieces start poking out, etc.


I have both the soft and hard case and have been using them well over a year now and neither have come apart or frayed or get damaged and I use them daily.

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Case is nice and have a velvet leather feel. Although it does catch a lot of dirt, fibers.

I do not experience any latency on my iphone 7+ and also my older 6S. Did you ever resolve that with your SE?

I really like these earphones personally as they stay in really well when running and other activities. Review is spot on there. The magnetic ends are also something I really like. I would have preferred a hard case though as the soft one is a bit fiddly to get the headphones in and out. I will probably get used to it. Seems high quality though - I doubt it will fray.

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I’m trying to figure out the bluetooth latency. It is highly likely that it may be due to the fact that I’m not running latest IOS version on my phone. The good thing is that it has not latency with latest version of macos on my macbook air.
I love the fit and feel of these. Sound isolation is top notch.

I had to hard reset phone
Connect to power and push plat&Vol+ simultaneously for 5 seconds