Another Soundcore Life P2 Review

I wanted to share my experience with the Soundcore Life P2 Total-Wireles Headphones. First of all, my overall rating of these would have to be a 4 out of 5 stars. I will explain why I gave them 4 out of 5 a little later on.

Let me start off with saying that I am a big Apple Fan. I had the Gen 1 Apple AirPods before getting the Life P2. I know there are a lot of reviews out there that like to compare the AirPods to these (Looking at Amazon). Here is what I’ve tested them with:

iPhone 11
Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

iPhone 11
While reading reviews before deciding to buy these earbuds, I saw a few that said they do not work with the iPhone 11. I can say they do, since the iPhone 11 is the primary device I use the Life P2 with.

MacBook Pro
I’ve connected the Life P2 to my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro. They had no problem connecting to the MacBook Pro. I did try using them with a phone call and a Zoom Meeting, but I could not get the mic to work. I ended up using the built in mic with the computer and the sound through the earbuds. I tried to go into the settings and turn the mic volume in up all the way, but the person on the other end could not hear me. I’ve read some reviews that mention the same problem.

I am a web application developer and I like to listen to music while developing. It is important that my headphones can last. My Gen 1 Apple AirPods would not last, I had to keep switching earbuds throughout my day. The Soundcore Life P2 last my entire day. Typically I pop them in my ear(s) around 5am when my day starts, take them out at lunch and then they are back in my ear(s) until I go home. Typically I have to charge my case about every week to week and a half. I have not used them until they die, but I do check the battery level all the time on my phone, and am always surprised at the level. They truly have a 7 hour battery life.

I typically take a walk in the morning and will talk to family members on the phone while walking. My walk typically lasts anywhere between 45min to an hour. When I get back, the battery level is still at about 99%. With my Gen 1 AirPods, after a hour long phone call, they are usually around 70-80%.

The Sound on these are awesome. For the price they can’t be beat. They have great range and bass. I usually listen at a decent level. My iPhone tells me when I am listing to something too loud so they are about medium volume. I don’t have to struggle to hear the music, overall comfort listening level.

Here is where I deducted 1/2 a star. The Life P2 comes with 5 rubber ear tips, they range in size from XS to XL. I have tried all of them and settled on the L that came on the earbuds originally. They are the ones that stay in my ear best, and provide the best sound. My issue is that all of these tips fit great at first, but when they start to warm up, they slide out of my ear. They have not fallen out of my ear yet, but they slide out just enough that the bass drops out. I had to constantly push them back in my ear. During my walk I would have to push them back in about every 2-3 minutes. This became very annoying and irritating.

I did contact customer support and they sent me out 2 pairs of foam tips. I was told they were XXS and XXL, as they were the only ones they had in stock to send to me. I did get the XXS and they actually fell out of my ears. Where are supposed to be the XXL tips I think are actually the Large (maybe medium). They do work the best and it takes longer for them to slide out of my ear, but they still do. I find myself pushing them in my ear during my walks about every 15 minutes). I am on the hunt for some different ear tips so if you all have a pair you like, let me know.

Call Quality / Noise cancelation
I have no problem hearing the person on the other side, and I’ve asked the receiver how I sound, they have all said that I sound just fine. No sound distortion or anything. They do a pretty good job canceling out the background noise. I’ve only had once instance that the ear buds pick up the background noise instead of me. That is when I walk past a house that always have dogs barking. I have to wait until I pass that house before the other person can hear me. The ear buds actually picked up the dogs, and canceled me out.

There are times the ear buds tend to go in and out during phone calls. This only happens during phone calls and not listening to music. There are some times that it sounds like someone is turning the volume up and down, both speaker and mic. The other person says it sounds like the same thing. Someone is turning the sound off and on. This happens about 1 in 10 phone calls (I took 1/2 a start for this). I’ve had another Bluetooth headset that did this too, but a lot more. Hopefully this is just a software glitch and can be resolved with a update (but I am not sure one which end … the phone … or the ear buds). It will usually resolve itself in about a minute or two, or I can go in and redirect the audio back to my phone, and then back to the ear buds to resolve it (typically).

YouTube / Games / Lag
While researching the ear buds I found a few reviews that said there was a considerable amount of lag when watching YouTube videos and playing games. I have not found this to be an issue. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos and the mouth and sound match up. Maybe a YouTube glitch at the time?? As for the games, I play Call of Duty Mobile on my phone and have no issues. In fact, I typically only play with the earbuds as they help me hear the people trying to sneak up behind me.

Pros and Cons

  • 7+ hour battery life
  • 40+ hour battery life with the case
  • Passive noise cancelation
  • Fits snug and close to your cheek
  • Great Sound
  • Ear tips help cut down outside noise


  • The case is a little bulky when in your pocket, but that would reduce the battery life of the case if it was smaller
  • The ear tips don’t fit that well (for me) and tend to loose sound quality when they have “slid” partially out
  • No Active Noise cancelation
  • No in ear detection to pause the music when the ear bud is taken out of the ear
  • Pressing just the button on the ear bud causes the bud to be pushed into the ear which causes pain

I still would recommend these Bluetooth ear buds to everyone. I do enjoy them a lot, and think they are a steal at $49 (What I paid for them on Amazon). If the rubber tips that come with them don’t work for you, I would suggest some foam tip ones. When I find a good pair, I will update this review with a link to them.


Great review @archer86. :+1: I am looking to buy these earbuds too.

Really nice review, do you have any pictures you could add in? Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us

Appreciate your honest and detailed review! :+1:

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Good review.
Here always photos are wanted.

I can send you the “monkey master engineers” helping.
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I don’t have any pictures right now. I could take some if it would help. I also meant to say I’ve had these and have used them since Sept 12th. So I’ve had about a month of daily use of them.

Great review! :ok_hand:

Great write up and opinions @archer86 :+1:t2:

Amazing review and welcome to the forum

Nice review @archer86 :+1:
Some pictures would make it great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Solid review, and great timing seeing these are currently on amazon prime day for a superb deal.

Like the pros and cons at the end :slightly_smiling_face: