Another Soundcore liberty air left earbud problem

It seems like everyone asks this, but I’ve tried every reset method I could find and my left earbud will still not play any audio.

A few days ago the left only started making the disconnect sound, stopped playing and managed to reconnect. This started happening more frequently until it wouldn’t connect at all and I tried a hard reset. Both turned red and blinked white as they are supposed to. However, the left will not work at all now. Oddly enough the left earbud will still make the disconnection sound in my ear even though it hasn’t been playing anything to begin with.

If anyone knows what’s up, I’d be happy to hear. Also if anyone knows the return policy I’m considering a return too. I bought them three months ago from amazon and I’m just thinking about splurging on AirPods to avoid these annoying connection issues.

Delete the BT profile from your phone. Restart your phone.

Now Try putting the earbuds back into the case, press and hold down the control button until they turn off. Then remove the left earbud and then the right, if they dont turn on tap and hold the control on left first and then repeat for the right. Once they connect to eachother try to pair to your phone

This did not work. They blink and connect to eachother but the left will still not play sound.

You should Also in parallel contact Soundcore support and check with them for the issue

Thanks will do