Another New Set of Anker Headphones!

Anker Crescent-Sport Headset Crescent movement headphones, is fully embodies the industrial designers stand in the user’s point of view of human considerations. This movement headset as a whole using the crescent-shaped shape, the tail with a silicone material outline a soft curved transparent crescent, the middle of the memory with a special material to create the memory of the aluminum core, this special structure so that this crescent movement headset has a miracle Like the ability to adapt, and can automatically adapt to and firmly embedded in different sizes of cochlea, to avoid the general movement of headphones easy to fall trouble.


Thanks for posting this.

Where is this in the FCC?

If not in FCC given it transmits radio, it is not allowed inside the USA.

If I search for OceanWing, I do not see anything for at least 3 years.

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Gotta Love the good ole USA. Letting in the illegal stuff and the harmless stuff gets banned. IE Diesel engines and their strict smog guidelines. :unamused:

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Very interesting design.

do they do extra large ears?


Perhaps just a concept design at present?

I agree, there are far more Anker BT headsets than makes any commercial sense inside the FCC, so I’m thinking these are market tested and the best released.

There are many FCC BT product filings, more than I think the market would comprehend.

Nit: I had the IE20, I liked how detaching the magnets caused the BT connection, but they tended to fall out my ears. I have the Slims now which stick better in the ears but they do not BT connect on magnet disconnect even they have the magnets. So the Slim with the IE20 BT connection concept would be a good advancement.

I’m just now packing for 4 days of movement and prioritising what to pack. Anker is in there :wink: