Another Nebula Cosmos Max

It’s called the Nebula Cosmos Max, product code D2150X

Not to be confused with the Nebula Cosmos Max, a different product code D2150

Fun times on the Amazon listings :wink:

So people who buy a Nebula Cosmos Max, get exactly which?

My suggestion is don’t buy the Nebula Cosmos Max D2150 until what the differences are highlighted. You could buy the older version in error for same price as newer version.

I’m not a fan of changing the product but keeping same name as folks can’t be sure what they are getting


Oh wow that seems like a mess waiting to happen


Can’t wait for future threads asking for help and mixing up the devices


The next mess waiting to happen is the Soundcore Motion+ is upgraded and then what happens to TWS…

You can see how the future complaints track back to bad decisions on product naming.