Announcing PowerWave Wireless Chargers

What would your life be like if you could forget about cables? Can you imagine waving goodbye to fumbling, tugging, twisting, and tangling for good? What if there were a way to charge your iPhone faster than with its original charger, without ever plugging in?

Introducing PowerWave, the high-speed wireless charger. PowerWave uses our exclusive WaveBoost system, which combines a high-efficiency chipset with state-of-the-art internal cooling to prevent slowdowns and keep charging fast—from 0 to 100%. Your phone has never felt anything like it.

If you’re ready to Ride the Wave, head over to select from exciting Day One deals. After you choose which deal you want, we’ll send you your access code via email on Launch Day, March 15th.

Are you excited to experience the next generation of charging tech? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Power on!:sunglasses:


Awesome can’t wait, my wife wants the stand


Looks good but how much is it going to cost?


There have been so many different reports of pricing recently. I think it’s just best to wait and see.


Yes I’m ready for new PD products! PowerCores, PowerPorts, PowerDrives, etc.

How much longer?!


I have the PowerPort Wireless 10 which I love so much! I would love to see how well this one charges!


We have plan to make a deep analysis of the new wireless chargers. You will see how well this product.:sunglasses:


I’m waiting for

  • multiport PD chargers, lower Wattage wall, higher Wattage desktop
  • smaller multiport PD powerbank

(Sits here with none wireless charging compatible phone)

Lol :laughing:
But seriously. It’s a cool feature to have.

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Nice, I used wireless charging for years before rapid charging became a thing. It was handy to keep trickle charging my phone on my desk at work.
Nice to see rapid charging finally coming to wireless!


2 annoying features…

USA n Canada only

Looks like it uses a lightning cable … Judging by the photo. If that’s the case, that’s crappy. Bad enough it’s only USA Canada, but to say no to the android crowd completely ain’t good.

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I can’t wait to get one of these. We are planning to purchase new iPhones in the next month and this will be one our new purchases.

It uses Micro usb so nothing has changed in that front, still android capable

Any chance you will come out with a PowerWave magnetic car mount/wireless charger?

But micro-usb is slow!

They did announce a wireless magnetic car mount at CES, we just gotta wait for a release date

Regardless of how slow it is wireless charging is similarly slow, but both can incorporate fast charging so it’s a moot point. Yes we all want usb C ports, but I fear until every phone manufactuerer uses it, it wont be standardized

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What @elmo41683 said. In this case, USB-C wouldn’t make it any faster.

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You can expect the product will be launched in the second half of this year.


Cant wait for these Powerwaves!!!

I want to own it!! :heart_eyes:

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