Well I be buggered, Saturday the 15th at 1pm was our THIRD anniversary.

That’s right, 1pm. We had been chatting via online then texts for a few weeks, and despite me, being me, she still came.

There she was just a walking down the street, singing…

I saw her approaching, while I sat at the coffee shop, early as usual. I thought WoW, she is beautiful, and she still wants to meet me.

We spent 6 hours, chatting, laughing, joking, talking about nothing n everything! We had several coffees, and even a McDonald’s (I know how to spoil a lady!).

The date ended with a snog n grope of her bum, at the bus stop, as we separated… same bus route, but different directions.

I knew by the time I got home, she was the one for me, and as my solemate for life, and so did she.

It’s a day and time, I hope I’ll never forget.

I know I’m a pain in the arse, and outspoken, but she still loves me, and can even slow me down n stop me going off on one (obvs chatting on here, she doesn’t know, she knows what I’m doing, just not moment by moment).

I look forward to many many years to come


Congrats on your 3 years. Me and my wife are approaching 6 years married come Halloween. Wish ya all the best

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Congratulations to Anker and Us

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Happy anniversary, @amangons!

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Think we will have our 35 anniversary next year.
I don not know exactly, my wife knows.:grin:

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Congrats on your 3rd anniversary @amangons

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Nice story and happy anniversary @amangons :birthday:

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Happy 3rd Anniversary @amangons. The hubby and I just celebrated out 7th wedding anniversary…been together for 14 years.


Congrats and happy anniversary to you’s both :tada: