ANKR Soundbud Slims goes silent after 2.5 hrs of use

I usually like to workout for long periods of time 2.5-3.5 hours of training. When I use them for more than 2 hrs it sometimes goes silent and I would have to reconnect the Bluetooth through my phone to get it working again. Not sure what is happening but I only had these for a week so far. Overall, sound quality and mic is amazing but i just hate it when it goes silent randomly, is there a fix for this? PS. Batteries were still at least 70% when this happens so it wasn’t the battery issue.

Hi @Vinson_Chen , what model phone are you using?

In the first instance a fresh pairing between the two devices is always good start point (forget them from your phones BT menu and re-add). You could also try a reset direct on SoundBuds by pressing the vol up/down buttons at the same time while they are turned off for 3-5 sec, this will reset any pair records on the earbuds themselves.

What phone is this? Make sure the earbuds and the phone are both updated to the latest software.

How can I update firmware on my Curve earbuds? That is interesting because of my old job, we always updated all programs and firmware to the latest to stay in compliance and I practice this at home too. We use a QAS system to test it out first, so it doesn’t break\conflict with software on our production servers. Unfortunately I do not have a second set of earbuds to test the patch.

The SoundBud Curve are not able to be updated via firmware…that is reserved for select BT speakers in the SoundCore lineup…

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Sorry, I wasn’t aware they weren’t able to be updated. Try updating the phone anyway.

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