@AnkerSupport, does the floodlight cam motion detection activity zone do anything?

@AnkerSupport, I have installed my floodlight cam pointing sideways, parallel to my street.
I make the activity zone point exclusively to my driveway but the cam triggers events even for cars way out of the activity zone. This only happens at night so I think it’s confused by the light dispersing into its view. Anything we can do about that?

Try a reset

Thanks, please explain what would that do. I had already done that once before and did not notice any difference.
In addition, lowering sensitivity to its lowest setting seems to mostly eliminate the false triggers because of ambient dispersed light but it also misses many legitimate situations where someone is infront of camera and it does not trigger.
I currently have it set to the 2nd lowest setting.
It seems to trigger on movement I can’t even see on the video like cars that are not even in the field of view yet. So, I am saying it’s not only the activity zone but really not even visible. Maybe that’s ok, maybe that’s because it records a few seconds before the trigger?
I will upload a pic of what the area looks like and what the activity zone is set to by tonight.


I just thought it would help. But if you already tried that, I’d say send support an email

From this morning

Hi @undecided!

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

Sometime the camera will be sensing the lights or the temperature changed from outside the activity zone. In this case, could you please lower the sensitivity level and see if it helps?

Please reach out to the support@eufylife.com for further assistant.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. Looking forward to your reply.