Ankers warranty policy

So it has come to my attention that Anker has updated its warranty policy and I thought all of you should be made aware of it. As it stands Anker no longer warranties products we get from the power user program or items we have won via promotions or contest as these items are free. I know in the past numerous people have been able to get faulty items replaced, but not anymore. So just a heads up and be aware be extra careful with these items.

And if your wondering, my Motion Q which is less than 2 months old wouldnt hold a charge for more than 2 hours. But because I got it in the test our product campaign, it’s not covered per their warranty policy.

Warranty policy


Thanks for the heads up Elmo

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Thanks for the heads up @elmo41683 …shame they have gone this route but luckily to date my warranty issues have been few and far between :cold_sweat:


I honestly think their hands were forced in this one because too many people would buy and claim warranty just to get additional products for free. This abuse led to them changing their policy.

While I’m all for cutting down abusers, it hurts other consumers who legitimately have an issue. Like mine for instance with the motion Q, when fully charged it wouldnt last for more than 2 hours. This was from their “We Love Testing” campaign and because of it you would think they want these products working.


If a test sample is only operational for two months I would think they would want to cover a warranty on the item. This could negatively effect the review (I’ve other reviews update their reviews if they have issues with the item after the review was completed) of their products and put the support staff in bad light for some users.

I understand their policy and believed these items not be honored by a warranty.


Yea it’s frustrating because of this, and I’m sorry to say I also updated my review on this particular item. It’s a shame because it will hurt their customer service rep in the long run


Bummer! I think either way, they should warrant it. I think this is especially true for testers because this could impact how their reviews go.

Thanks for the info!!!

I agree, @AnkerOfficial is there anything that can be done about this?

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So Shane at support messages ne and apologized for the previous supports lack of knowledge and help. He said they will be sending me out a replacement and ask that I test it out right away to make sure it meets its stated playback time. Kudos to Anker support for coming through in the end


Thank you for bringing this up, its good to know. But I understand that this needs to be the policy, it protects them as a company. Too many people try to take advantage.


I can understand the warranty change. But, it is somewhat frustrating. A part of the reason we Power Users exist is to review the items in their fullness. The reason they give us free or discounted items is because they see the value in our promotion of their products. How can we be completely honest and transparent about an item if it is defective and Anker will not warranty the item?

That being said, I had an issuein July with the left earbud completely quitting on my SoundBuds Life that I received for free as a result of the PowerUser program in June. They sent me a new one and it works perfectly. I was using it every day all day long during that short period of time, but it still should not have broken; it was certainly defective. Since then, I have been able to testify of Anker’s Customer Support and warranty service, but with this change, I won’t be able to do that.

Some chafing with this decision for sure.


I also had my soundbuds surge just stop working in the right ear one day, those they did exchange out via warranty. I even asked here before if those products are warranted and was told they were.

As I mentioned, I can understand their reasoning behind changing their policy but they really need to have a separate policy for power users. Because as you said we are here to promote their products and we can’t really do that if it becomes defective. Hopefully they can find a middle ground on this and can continue to be supportive of the program

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If their reason really is to prevent false claims, I would require those who say they’re having issues to ship the product back in a box they send out first, and then proceed to deliver a replacement if the product is indeed deemed defective.

According to Shane, they are requiring faulty items be shipped back After they send a new one

That keeps things honest…but does the user have to pay return shipping or is a free return label shipped with the replacement?

Well for my speaker they included a return shipping label, I assume it would be the same for everyone otherwise they wouldnt return stuff if it cost them time and money

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Good to know…thanks for the info :thumbsup:

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I agree. They made me take a picture of the serial number and product itself, but didn’t make me return it (I think they should). I am definitely of two minds on the issue.

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