Anker's Red and Blue Flying Colors Are Coming For You!

Anker is now selling a red PowerCore 10000
And a blue SoundCore 2, which looks so cool in my opinion! It appears to be a lighter blue than the original SoundCore.

Way To Go Anker Innovation Teams! :clap:

Do you guys think Anker should continue releasing new colors, or just focus their work on new products entirely?


New colors appeal to broad range of customers who don’t like the standard black or white of things. I personally am happy to see red colors and my wife said she likes the blue. Makes it easy to spot and know which device is who’s.
As far as what I would like to see, I think Anker should do colors as renewed interest in products. But, I also want to see them keep inovating and bringing new products to the market. I know technology is constantly changing so the same should be for the company. Change and evolve with new and better products

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While new colours are nice, it’s not exactly groundbreaking innovation and could be completed at the initial launch of a new product (based on the popularity of past colours, or hold a poll).

I personally would prefer them to keep focus on new products, expansion of products to new territories or upgrading of existing products to newer specs/tech ie. USB-C etc etc


I prefer black than other colors, low profile, stealthy.


I think new colors are a good way to refresh the products a bit. But more importantly, what goes into the product is even more important. I could see how they would come out with different colors for the holidays but overall, I’d rather they put their focus on new products and improvements. On that note, love the colors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay colours!! :smile_cat: I do like a choice. Tech is all to often always black. It gets boring when every gadget you own is back.

Red stuff for me please! (although a nice rich purple would be my first choice. (hint-hint, :wink: :wink:)

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When it comes to gadgets, I prefer boring: black, dark gray, dark navy blue, etc. Stainless steel and titanium colors are ok.

The red PowerCore is actually so sick. Are they selling it on the anker website or just amazon?

Just Amazon at the moment.

Well said. Darn, one can only do 1 like.

Some though

I really like these colors ! I hope we are going to see more and more colorful Anker products.

The colors do stand out. With it getting darker sooner, the innovation of the technology comes before color.

The colors are great but I could do without…black seems universal, so of course they’ll continue doing the black as #1 priority.

Along the same line, additional colors could be a problem since they will attract a much more limited audience in comparison to black. How much of each color do they manufacture and how many of that color will actually sell in relation to black? Hence comes the risk of either not making enough (shortage) or making too many and not being able to sell what they’ve made (overstock).

Considering the prices are almost always higher than black, I would assume they do not overstock.

Limited production runs then, possibly disappointing customers for these “niche” items.

Don’t know it that’s good or bad since I’m not into marketing. Just stating the thoughts within my skull. :wink:

I do like the colors however, but I think that black is the least noticeable. Personally, I don’t like to stand out, especially not in the background. :smirk:

everyone knows blue is the way to go, AMIRIGHT?


red is cool too

Colors can be handy when family have same items.

Otherwise just pick cheap which is usually black

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That blue color speaker makes something special.:grinning:


That blue speaker ! Wow I agree, it is so beautiful.

Update: GREEN SoundBuds Curve coming soon!