Anker's Power Strip 3-Outlet & 3 PowerIQ USB Ports Surge Protector Review

This is a very high quality extension cord and surge protector. The extension cord is made of high-quality materials and appears very durable, works silently. The device has three outlets and an additional 3 USB ports which deliver fast charging to my devices. There is no USB-C port on this model. The extension cord comes with roughly 5 feet of pliable cable and the wall outlet is rotated to the side which keeps the other outlet open in the wall. It’s also nice that Anker included child safety shutters in all the 3 outlets which prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the outlet by a curious child. Overall a very nice device.

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Pictures would help your review and show others exactly what product your reviewing

Ok review :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I agree with Tank. Pictures go awesome with reviews.