Anker's physical presence in Europe

Hello Anker,

I would like to know if, in order to follow your global expansion, you plan on opening some offices in Western Europe anytime soon?

I know you gathered all your people in the US at Seattle, closing the CA offices, and you are of course present in China, but I wanted to know if you had plans to come over here?

Thanks !

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Well dude, they aren’t on the east coast of the U.S yet. You’ve got a long wait, sorry.

Why do you want to know?:smile: Wanna join us?

I’d join in a heartbeat if you were on the east coast, I’d make a move so I could be employed by y’all

Why not? Working in tech, in a fast growing company? Where do I sign ^^

I’ll be the first to call you guys when we decide to open new offices in Western Europe.:smile:

Sounds good :slight_smile:

The real question is: Is @AnkerOfficial planing world domination. And if so, should we let them?

Who wouldn’t want to work for Anker, to see and mess with the items which we don’t know of yet :smile:

Let anker dominate the world i say

I also hope every employees can get a free Powerhouse or a Nebula Mars.:joy::joy::laughing::laughing:

How do you know this!!!:fearful::fearful::fearful::laughing:

Know what? :wink: