Ankers newest combined brand Soudcore

So Ankers newest combined brand Soundcore will be releasing half a dozen new speakers and headphones in the coin months. Some of these we already know already out already bound some of the others are news to me.

Check out This article by the Verge

Speakers/headphones coming out:
Soundcore Flare
Space NC
Spirit X
Spirit Pro
Liberty lite

What are your thoughts on These? And do you think you will be using or trying any of them?


Cheers @elmo41683. I’m very surprised and disappointed to read the Flare and Flare + are not smart speakers although they do look great and will no doubt sound great too.

The Spirits look like a remake of the Slims too.
What do you think?

Not that it’s super important, but there’s also way more colors of the Flare than I thought. (black, gray, blue, or red)

I’m definitely looking forward to the SoundCore Flare speaker, because I’m a sucker for LED lighting :joy:


Thanks for sharing the article.

I’m looking forward to the Space NC. With a $99 price point I hope these are sound as good as they are priced. Its a little more than I want to spend, but it will be worth it to replace my corded ones if they sound as good or better.

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You can use your phone to control the LED lighting from Flare.:grin:


The Spirit use exclusive SweatGuard technology, so it;s the world’s first truly sweatproof earphones.:grin:


Zolo’s wireless smart speakers, Mojo+ and Halo+ with Google Assistant and Alexa respectively, were supposed to launch this spring, but an email with Zolo support confirms that they have been cancelled. :cry:

You could always use the aux port in a Eufy genie or echo dot to make it smart. I’m assuming that the flare speakers have an aux port, and I might be wrong of course.

Ok in the home but it’s meant to be portable too. I can’t carry the Genie around too lol

Dang, that’s really disappointing, but maybe it’s a different product to be released under the soundcore brand?

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What about.making a TV speaker/soundbar?
I’d definitely be up for testing that.

I either have the TV really loud to hear, which is too loud for my fiancée, or I can’t hear what’s being said.

If I have it at around half power, I can catch most of it /nake out (not actually fully hearing but can work out what’s being said, by what’s happening at same time) but I still have to ask, what’s been said.

I like this idea, a so dbar with dedicated subwoofer would be great. I have two right now that suck…one is a samsung and it doesn’t get loud enough and the other gets really loud but lacks any bass or depth to it.

It does look cool, possibly another one I’m gonna want to have a mess with :grin:

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I’ll be waiting for Flare+ ($99, August). Better sound, built in power bank, etc.

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Doubt Mojo+ or Halo+ will be released under Soundcore (or even under different naming). Hopefully we will see other wireless smart speakers from Soundcore in the future, though (similar to what Mojo+ and Halo+ were going to be).

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ICYMI Soundcore will be releasing at least two sound bars soon, Infini and Infini Mini.

You can see the post about the FCC listings here.

And my full Soundcore lineup breakdown here… basically a ton of information gathered from various sources combined into one spot.

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Where is Zolo now. Is it combined with Soundcore?
Lately Anker’s branding has gotten very confusing :scream:

Yup, zolo has been changed to Soundcore.

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