Ankers new cable should I upgrade

So anker has just released the new anker power line III which I have to say looks amazing the perfect iPhone cable :ok_hand:t2: But I got given the power line II that I won in the survey.
So the main question what’s the difference between the two cables…?

Powerline iii is more durable, and is thinner. So it can coil up better and such.

Since you already have a lifetime guarantee, I don’t see any reason to upgrade.

That’s my two cents worth.


Completely forgot I had a lifetime garentee :joy::joy:

Yes cus you can never have too many cables :joy:

If you need an extra cable get one. Otherwise the cable you have is a great option!

what I think is not buying it, just get it through weekly draws! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can just treat yourself and get it

If your current cables work, there’s no reason to “upgrade”.

I think you could give extra Anker cable to your family and friends!

I tried with my mum but she says the cable is far to long I love it though :joy::joy::+1::+1: (anker power line two)