Anker's LC130 LED flashlight

Has anyone used this yet, I so want this but probably will wait and see if any deals come up on it. I love me some flashlights.

Amazon link to LC130

We only have the option of the LC40 in the UK which I have been tempted by but am holding fast until they perhaps include a built in battery or charging feature. Never the less it certainly looks sweet compared to some I have used in the past.

I’d like one too.
be great for work. Needs to have a belt pouch too ideally. Would be great for work too then :slight_smile:

Really hope we get the LC90 and LC130 in the UK. I have the LC40, which is used daily and is great on my bike and I also use for running at night - I prefer that to head torches.

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I can’t remember which one, as not there now, but there was a torch on the UK power user page.

I have it, It is incredible!!! I really mean that. This is the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. It has 5 modes High, Med, Low, Strobe (for warding off animals or people) and S.O.S. This thing is a beast! I have taken it on several camping trips, the battery lasts somewhere around forever lol, it IS 100% waterproof. How do I know you ask…well one night I accidentally left it outside in the rain for at least 8 hours. Picked it up, clicked the button and it turned right on and hasn’t had a problem since. It outshines even the Police’s big ass flashlights and any that the campground workers had, which were all heavy or bulky things, the Bolder fits in your hand. The fact that it is rechargeable is so helpful, even tho I rarely need to charge it because like I said the battery lasts forever. So, in short, if you want a flashlight that is Super durable, waterproof, rechargeable, brighter than anything else and is useful in other ways than just shining light, aka the Strobe and SOS mode. This is by far the greatest flashlight I have ever seen. It is so good I bought its little brother, the Bolder Pen style rechargeable flashlight. Also amazing. If you have any questions feel free to ask!