Ankers first battery pack with built in USB C

Anker has finally released its newest battery pack the. Anker PowerCore+ 10000 with Built-in USB-C
You can get it on sale today for $33.59 using code ANKER2CO


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I want a good USB-C powerbank, but since my stupid iPhone uses lightning, this one is no use to me.

May be this will help… you get Anker Powercore with Lightning connector :wink::+1:t2:

Apple will always use their “stupid” specials.:wink:

So this came up for a deal today £20.

That’s a fair price for 10A with cable, so I ordered it, then paused to think and cancelled my order in time.

I realize it’s the product before the one I should get. It has a usb C cable, so you’d think it could be used for input also, but no it only has USBC socket for input only and the cable for output only.

So either they need to ditch the USBC socket so save weight/size or they should make it a different port like a USB A.

So I’ll keep to my existing 10000 PD and 10000 PD Slim which are more flexible, the C-C cable I need I can use for input or output and I have A port for anything else. So they can do MicroB, Lightning and C output via cable choice Vs this product which can only do C output.

I’m not sure why Anker does this common error of not quite going fraction further to make it a must buy product. I wish they’d consult with us before releasing.