Anker's DC-to-USB-C cable "We Love Testing" Review

This is just a preliminary review about halfway through the amount of time I consider valid to officially

have “tested” the product, so here are my thoughts so far. By far the most important aspect of this

the cable is knowledge of how electricity works, which in my opinion should not be necessary in order to

properly use this cable. Why do I say that? Well, I had a little trouble getting the cable to power to

laptop, which normally takes 45W & 19.5V to charge. The problem ended up being a simple change out of

the type of wall charger I was using (to a more powerful one), but not many people have extra wall

chargers laying around (thanks #anker!). So, for a quick sum-up of this mid-review


  1. Small profile even compared to my small laptop charger.

  2. Charges fast, efficient

  3. Has a Good Look/Style


  1. Plug fit in the laptop is not 100% secure

  2. The Cable could be longer(6ft is fine btw)

  3. The need to purchase a Wall charger that will support the cable’s needs

  4. Options when purchasing(Cable only, with charger, with…)

So Far…

I am having a hard time seeing a market for this cable is sold by itself. If, when bundled with a wall

charger the price needs to reflect the need for that wall charger in order for the

cable to work. That is also my suggestion for a “solution”, sell it with options, solo, with wall

charger, with other things, etc. and have the price of the cable change to reflect the majority of

consumer’s having a need to buy a suitable wall charger.

Final Review to come


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How much does the cables sells for?
Good preliminary review btw

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Nice review :+1:

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I don’t want to be a re-poster. I saw someone post it’s prices yesterday…I’ll look for the link. Too much IMO

$15.99 on Amazon and it’s got 1.5 stars :(:disappointed_relieved: I gave it a 4 star review, knocked one off because it’s not “perfect” so that should bump it up. Of course the one person who leaves a review didn’t check the specs to make sure it would fit his laptop…so he gave it 1 star. Only if I click that click, the one Anker put on their site, can I find that cable on Amazon. Searching Anker DC-C and all combinations of those words and nothing. Odd. Anyway, my Amazon review is official and the product has 2.5 stars now! (I only gave it 4)

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We see the same reviews?

I see one negative review and its fair.

Good to hear your early thoughts @SlyBandit247
A bit concerning the plug doesn’t fit very well though!

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I wonder if this would work for charging the meepoboard.

Maybe I should’ve signed up for the power user test when It came out.

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Hey @Imo_Iri
Hope you are well, how’s the Meepo going?
As much fun as you hoped?

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Haven’t got it yet still got like a two weeks. I know it’ll be fun tho since I used to ride my friend’s all the time (before this Pandemic)


Sweet will look forward to seeing a few pics/vids.

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let us know when you got that “thing”
Seems you are used to ride such a beast, but always take care:
helmet, gloves, knee& elbow protection!.

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As someone suffering a broken arm, be careful.

The Meepoboard charger is 42V this Anker cable is 20V so unlikely to work.

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Yeah you’re right, I thought if I replaced the wall charger with a stronger one it might work but I’m not sure if the cable can handle it. Plus I can’t even tell if it’s compatible either way. Hopefully your arm heals up soon :pray: I fractured my pinky last year and it sucked (it was my right pinkie too :cry: so I couldn’t really use my right hand)