Anker's Customer Services

Without a doubt, everyone here loves Anker due to the great customer services and great quality of the product. However, one thing that came up in my mind that how come such product that produce from China can keep such a good quality while other products that still label as “MADE IN CHINA” are either easily worn off or defective. What do you think? Are you anti-MADE IN CHINA, or you think it only depends on what company carries it.

it definately depends on the company, being an amazon reviewer i get a lot of rubbish with the sticker “made in china” most of the items wouldnt even last a week. With anker they dont cut corners with the design and production, i have a gaming mouse from them with the sticker “made in china” on the bottom that im still using after 3+ years!

I find it a little offensive to even think about the topic of country of origin. You have good professional motivated individuals who happen to be in some country, if they get together they can do the best products.

I’d say a little bit of trial+error, the odd random choice of a make, then if good then repeat buy from them. I had batteries from others and from Anker and the Anker ones just well built and reliable, unlike others. So sticking with them for now.

Any company can produce good products in any country. Please do keep in mind that most of Anker’s stuff other than power banks are all just rebranded Alibaba stuff.

Almost everything is made in China, but you can specify the design. If your design is good, and the factory you work with has good quality control, then the end result can be great.

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This is surely a loaded question and based broadly on user preference, obviously. But even things made in China can be made with high quality, at higher prices, which in turn makes a better product. I’ve bought so many things made in so many different places, ultimately it’s about the price. I’ve bought something from the “black market” (long story short some random guy on the street), made in China … it did WORK but was not worth the cost (bought in the $400-600 range and he claimed it was worth $1,000-2000). My wife loved the thing but after a week I just had to get rid of it and get my money back. It just didn’t meet the quality, even at the low range, if I remember correctly it had something to do with the video input ports and not being up to standard video inputs of that time. You get what you pay for is not an understatement by any means. If I buy a $5 charging cable at a gas station, I don’t expect it to last very long. But if I buy a $15-20 charging cable, regardless of brand I expect it to last a long time! Anker is no exception, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. On the off topic, I bought some bamboo socks once, made in Taiwan or China can’t remember, couldn’t stop raving about them, ANYWAY they all eventually fell apart … :frowning:

And if it’s something made in my country, I still keep it at a distance; those Element TVs are made in the USA and they’re not good at all, but they are cheap! But I’d like to think, “Ok, made in USA, my country, I hope it lasts!” … nope.

Depends on the company to me. There are a lot of quality products made in China.