Anker's another innovation; eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution!


eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution, Real-Time Response, No Monthly Fees, Secure Local Storage, Ready for Any Weather, Free Wireless Electronic Chime (Requires Existing Doorbell Wires).


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Anker and its sister brands especially eufy, are well known for their durability and innovation amongst the masses all over the world. #Anker s unique in a sense that it has well engaged its community of customers from all over the globe at the reformatted forum we call Anker Community. Thanks to #Anker for this eufy security testing contest where I won the opportunity to proudly win and share my thoughts.

Video Doorbells are getting more and more popular with the idea of smart homes these days. Everyone wants to get one but deciding the right one is the key here. I have ideas to share why should one go for eufy security doorbell for a better connected home.

  • It comes well packaged and ships fast especially if you are a prime member at amazon. If you want to buy one the link is given below.
    Package is made durable to encase well the doorbell and accessories and there is the same unboxing smile on your face as always with any of the anker product. (my views on this are extended in Suggestions sections).

  • In the box We get:
  1. Video DoorBell 2K (Wired one).
  2. DoorBell Chime.
  3. Extension Wires.
  4. Wire for the Existing Chime.
  5. Screw Hole Positioning-Card.
  6. 15 degrees Mounting Wedge.
  7. Mounting Plate.
  8. Screw Pack.
  9. Wire Nuts.
  10. Happy Unhappy Card.
  11. Eufy-Logo Pin.
  12. Quick Start Guide.
  13. Security Warning Sticker.

    Arrange the contents in order. Make sure we already have a doorbell installed (may be a conventional or the smart one. We need its wiring and stuff in working condition. Or we can also go afresh ONLY if we know DIY to that professional level).
    Note: This doorbell has no batteries involved and so needs a constant power supply to run it. That’s why we need the existing wiring of our old doorbell.

Download the efuySecurity app on smartphone and link/add the eufy-bell.

Adding your bell to the eufySecurity app is easy:-
After you sign up or sign in the app, Scan the barcode given on the packaging and on the back of the doorbell body itself and go step by step installation process. I found the amazon listing videos very helpful in this regard. Also, we get a quick start and installation guide in the box that assists us as a step by step guide to install and run the doorbell.

  • For optimal functionality best is to update the firmware version to the latest available through the app.


  • The doorbell body is made of premium plastic and the front looks shiny ABS material. The button to press on, is so beautiful designed that it gives a counterpart appearance to the camera above. In the middle there is ‘eufy security’ logo in white. The ring shaped LED around the button looks so good when it lights up.

  • The camera has a field of vision of 160 degrees. Camera works perfect in low light conditions too.

  • The eufy advertised quality is 2560 X 1920 2K resolution; that doubles the clarity and sharpness of images making it one of the safest in-market security doorbell if you get the actual advertised resolution (But it lowers to some extent when you see the recorded footage on your smartphone). It also is loaded with an advanced HDR and image distortion stabilization technology that provides stable and reliable images of moving objects. When it comes to backlit or low-light conditions; again, there is little less than expected result.
    The recorded fps (frames per second) should have to be almost around 30fps in order to get sharp images of moving objects. Higher fps also helps get better quality in different weather conditions.

  • The recorded audio is crunch… It has good quality of recorded audio and also the two way audio sound quality is good one.

  • Being away from security doorbells for long time, the reason for most of us maybe the extra burden on the wallet for monthly storage fee. But for eufy there is no monthly fee. It securely and privately stores your data locally in the unit. And easily processes it to you whenever you need to see it. Locally stored data is encrypted (Bank-grade AES-128 data encryption) for an added peace of mind that our data is the safest hands of our own. No external servers involved.

  • Thanks to the advance AI algorithms used that this doorbell detects and alerts you when there is real human being (aka homo-sapiens) on your doorstep. No false alerts for anything else i.e. your pets or that stray cat etc.

  • The Facial Snapshot Notification Feature: The doorbell connected to the app on smartphone alerts you even if someone doesn’t press the doorbell. Anyone approaches the doorstep, alerts you with a notification. We can view 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert on the smartphone. Gain a clearer picture of what happened and increase the likelihood of criminal identification.

  • Real time response with an interactive communication feature with your expected or expected guest. Speak directly to anyone who comes to the door via two-way audio.

  • IP65 category of weather proof saves it from any weather condition. Also it can work as expected in extremes of temperature (with a wide range of -4° F to 122° F).

  • Being IP65 it is water-resistant (can withhold rain and snow) but not water-proof and can’t be submerged in water.

  • eufy Security Video Doorbell uses a 4:3 aspect ratio to offer a larger area in focus from top to bottom.

  • eufy knows not every house has the same doorstep or area of interest outside the door. ‘Activity Zone setting’ allows you to customize the areas in which the camera will detect motion. Set the Activity Zone to suit your home so you only receive the alerts you care about.

  • Interaction Made Fast & Easy: We can record and set up to three instant responses. When we are notified of an activity, with the touch of a response, we can select one of the pre-recorded responses to interact and give instructions faster. I have recorded as follows (as an example):

    1. Come to the Backyard.
    1. Please Deliver the Package.
    1. Come on in; the, Door is Open.
  • “Hey Google, show me my front door”

Connect your Doorbell to Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa and check in anytime on what’s happening outside your home. This makes it the WiFi Surveillance Camera. It adds the peace of mind that you know what’s going on around your house.

  • Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • ASIN: B07R3WY95C
  • Item model number: T8200
  • The voltage requirement is 16-24V AC, which is very common in most house doorbell wiring (ask a professional electrician if there is no wiring already available to install this doorbell). The doorbell will indicate red LED if the voltage is too low.

If ever you need support anker has provided the customer service info right on the box. And, anker customer service team is one of the earth’s best as far as I know of.

  • Suggestions:-
  • Tech-Geeks from @eufy knows the exact answer to it… I think there is a need for the firmware upgrade or what???.. When the two way audio is activated, the camera stops recording the clip that is already in process… And the camera restarts recording normally, the new clip from the point where two way audio is disengaged…
  • Although there comes an instant notification with picture of the bad guy approaching your door but there sometimes is a significant delay in that…and can easily be manipulated by someone… I am talking about The local data storage that is not so safe being saved in the doorbell unit instead of some place elsewhere… I mean it just takes no time to disengage the outer unit and go away with all the data you needed to catch the bad guy. Alternative Storage Site may have been: The Chime inside the house: Central smarthome unit or so…
    Other alternatives can be to make a pattern matching doorbell detachment key , Something like a wheel lock system but miniature one of course…or Fingerprint enabled lock/unlock system for detachment of the doorbell unit.

    The lock images are just for an eye-catch.
    I know @eufy has better ideas than me…
  • Local data storage memory isn’t removable or upgradable… You have to have the phone app to transfer the data wirelessly & that’s too only 4GB…
  • With HDR turned ON, I thought it would be better clarity and video quality. Recording it even on highest Resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels (on an aspect ratio of 4:3) the footage downloaded to our smartphone’s storage is of significantly reduced resolution (so that we can appreciate easily it is not 2560 x 1920).
  • Even with a thorough inspection I was unable to find any flaw and/or areas of concern. The only thing was, I received the Doorbell with little scratch on its face due to the wandering on loose, eufy logo pin (shown in it’s position in picture below, the way I received it). This guy should have to be fixed well in place somewhere in the bottom of the box. This scratching piece of metal would have been a sureshot reason for Returning the doorbell for replacement if there would have been little more visible scratching. I hope eufy would take care of this genuine packaging issue.

Click to To buy this doorbell from amazon : With Deal: $119.99 FREE One-Day Shipping & FREE Returns. It is competitively affordable option available online…

You can also read the full review by clicking here…

Thanks for reading the review and I would love to share more with time…


Really nice review love love love all of the pictures they make is so much more enjoyable

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Great review and explanation of the doorbell features @DrMajidHanif

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Hope to see full resolution video footage from the doorbell, in the glaring sun, and pitch darkness of night :slight_smile:


Thanks for the in-depth review! Please note for this testing, you will be also required to share 1 clip of eufy Doorbell video moment on the social media and make sure to include the hashtag #seenoneufy.

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thanks for sharing!

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Good in depth review :+1:. Surprised you haven’t found any flaws since I’ve found several…

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Excellent Review! Great pics. Do you have it installed? I’d like to see it in place if you do! And let us know how that process went - I’m nervous to do it myself.

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Oh it’s super easy.

If anyone asks- I’m not the one who said this lol. But assuming your doorbell wiring is around 20v (which it needs to be to run this doorbell) you don’t even need to turn off the power since it’s so low voltage. Of course check it with a meter before you do anything to make sure it’s the proper voltage. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, just turn off the breaker.

Bypassing the chime is as easy as making a piece of toast.

Then you have to unscrew your current doorbell, and remove the wires (literally just tug them slightly and they come out).

Then you drill holes in the proper places using the alignment paper. Put the anchors (ankers?) in the holes.

Screw on the mounting bracket.

Put the wires on the receptacles on the back of the doorbell. Snap the doorbell on the bracket.

All that’s left is setting it up via the app, and plugging in and syncing the chime.

All in all it’s easier then mowing your lawn… you shouldn’t have any trouble.


Excellent review. Thanks for all the eye candy. We love pics here. :slight_smile:

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Stop. Any amount of electricity can be deadly under the correct conditions, and while the risk is low no one should be cutting corners when it comes to dealing with any form of electricity. If you are too lazy to flip a circuit breaker or pull a fuse you shouldn’t be messing with electrical wiring.


This is the kind of review we all like.

This is quite benchmark for all others who had to write the door bell review. :grinning:

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Excellent review and nice photos! :clap: Well done! :ok_hand:

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Thanx a bunch…for all those words.

Thanks for appreciating that.

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Well, timely WARNED. It was a loose-shot saying it doesn’t hurt at this low voltage though. Now it’s a suggestion like a pro. …
So everyone please ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ :sunglasses:

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Mr. Dude your pics-&-annotations are always like a pro. Literally it makes me laugh :joy:

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Thanks :pray: for the compliments

Well written, detailed and a great review @DrMajidHanif, thanks for sharing :+1:

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