#AnkerForever: Week 4 Updates!

Continuing the discussion from #AnkerForever: In Search of the Longest-Lasting Anker Customer:

Welcome to the Week 4 Updates for the #AnkerForever challenge!

In case you’re stumbling across this thread for the first time, we’re on the hunt for Anker customers who purchased products from us years ago and still own and use them today :battery::muscle:

The challenge runs through the end of August, so there’s still plenty of time for you to get your entries in (:

If you’re interested in entering the challenge, click here for full details.

This week, the challenge has taken off and we’ve seen some amazing submissions!

We’re blown away and inspired by the unique ways our fans are using Anker to help power and improve their daily lives.

See below for two of the coolest submissions we’ve seen so far to get a feel for how people are entering the challenge. If you’re looking for inspiration to create your own submission, these are both awesome examples!

Highlight 1: Nathan from FL

Nathan, this is so cool! We love seeing how customers are using our product in unique ways :raised_hands:

Highlight 2: Salvatore from Italy

All the way from Italy!! Thanks for joining in on the challenge, Salvatore :star_struck:

Both of these participants have done a great job highlighting which Anker products they use, how long they’ve had them for, and telling us a bit more about themselves - exactly what we’re hoping to see.

How does your Anker experience differ or relate to that of Nathan and Salvatore? Tell us in the comments below or submit your own #AnkerForever entry to let us know!


Watching these “fantasic” videos reinforces me NEVER to create such one. :rofl:


@AnkerOfficial Where is my video :thinking:
Submitted on July 29


I can’t wait to see the results of all of the submissions! I hope mine makes it in there

Hope dies at last!:laughing:


Good videos