#AnkerForever: Week 1 Updates!

Continuing the discussion from #AnkerForever: In Search of the Longest-Lasting Anker Customer:

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to check in quickly and let you all know the submissions so far have been awesome - keep them coming!

There’s been dozens of high quality video and photo submissions, check out the one below for an example (:

Do you have any of the same products from the submission above? What do you think of their submission? Let us know in the comments!

Also, remember to look over the announcement article for a full detail breakdown, and that video submissions showing you and the product(s) will be more highly prioritized by the team reviewing submissions.

Who’s planning on submitting this weekend? We can’t wait to see more come in :grinning::tada:



:tada::tada::tada: this is lovely excited to see more!!

Pretty nice.

With a sinus cold, I may wait a day or two as my voice is too scratchy or I may end up doing it via pictures if the scratchy throat continues.

Still not sure what I am going to do. It feels like the videos are more likely to do best but I am not always a big video person even though I have a decent (small compared to some on here) collection of soundcore products