AnkerCam Is Back!

Anker’s popular Wi-Fi enabled wireless camera for video monitoring is finally back up for sale on Amazon. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering we know that Eufy is coming out with a new security camera on Kickstarter later this month.

AnkerCam is capable of recording 720p video and streaming it directly to your phone with the AnkerCam app. There is also a suite of of smart motion detection features, including night vision, fast reaction time, 20-second capture, timeline scheduling and adjustable sensitivity.

What do you think about the revival of AnkerCam? Personally I think it’s pretty cool that Anker is getting back into the business, even though I’m not particularly in need of one.

Amazon (will probably go free shipping in a few days)
Anker Website


I didn’t even know they had a camera b4 or was even working on one besides what was recently posted. So I say good on Anker, broaden your horizon and tap into as many markets as you can.

I don’t need one right now, but I could see myself using this to monitor things when I’m not home

I generally agree, as long as that doesn’t mean that they are spread too thin, and the focus shifts more on the sub-brands than it does the core Anker brand.

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I have one of these, but I haven’t hooked it back up since I moved! Time to dig it out…


Do not own, not sure I ever would. The cost around here of replacing a front door or lock or windows exceeds the value of the contents in the house. So the most expensive thing is a locked door, or security to imply you have something to protect.

Expensive housing causes little money left to buy much. Expensive labor causes a no-damage type view.

I am not kidding.

Probably makes more sense in say Texas, Alabama, Wyoming, Kansas, etc where opposite.


We have a few Xiaomi Yi network camera with custom firmware which enables rtsp streaming to the home server as a wireless security system looking forward to see this in the UK :slight_smile:

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I have a hardline nvr system I prefer instead. 7 cameras, didn’t want WiFi because I noticed how often they drop connection. And trust me with all the gadgets I have going on in my home I had to bump up my internet yesterday with Comcast from 150 mbps to 250 and now things are running more smoothly

wow! that is very interesting! I did not know about this device!

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Seems a bit pricey for the specs, when compared to features you get on the dash cam’s in their inventory…

I have one of these too. We haven’t used it in awhile because we were having issues with connections and support for it kind of faded. But we’ll have to pull it out and use it again. Hopefully, they have updates on the firmware that will rectify our connection issues. When it was working for us, it was great. Only wish that they would do 1080 vs 720. But it’s nice to know that they are back in stores.

Well, considering @AnkerOfficial said they would have to file for bankruptcy if they priced the new Eufy security camera at $100, I am not too surprised.

I have 4 of these cams in my house. I love Anker products but until they step up their support for this cam (which is non existent) as well as the constant “unable to reach network” problem, then my advice is to stay away from this cam.

Support - this product has been discontinued for at least a year now. They must have found some stock in a warehouse somewhere and am now trying to get rid of them. Should there ever be a problem, their CS team for this product is located in China, so there is always a delay in them responding. My handful of emails to them always are to inform them that the cams are down. They don’t even know this until someone brings this to their attention.

App - their app is a joke. There has not been an update to it in over 2 yrs. Bringing up the cameras through it is painstaking and requires multiple tries. First try there is always the “hourglass” or “thinking” icon, then you would have to exit out of the app and then go back into it for it to work. You would have to do this every single time. I mean…REALLY?

Network problem - It never fails that the network for these cams are down at least once a month and sometimes more. When they are down, it will be at least 2 days before anything is done about it.

A couple of months ago, I have stopped getting email and phone notifications of motion detection. Then as of a month ago, motion detection does not work anymore. So these 4 AnkerCams that I have has been relegated to be used as puppy cams now. Sad, because I invested in these when they were first introduced.

Just my .02