AnkerBox - The World's Most Convenient Phone Charger

Have you guys had a chance to review the AnkerBox…pretty neat for sure @AnkerOfficial

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I did not know anything about the AnkerBox until 60 seconds ago when I saw your post! :grinning:

Pretty Awesome!

I found out in their post a few weeks ago about their award winning products.

Yes I saw it some time ago (months?)

It is under one of their patents.

It seems to have emerged out the designers in the Seattle office?

And you didn’t post anything about it? Shocker

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It was in their post.

There’s more in Anker’s patents than they have matching products (still)

It is over a year old April 4th 2016

There are some other weird and wonderful devices in the Anker patent list for which I dont yet see a current product. Most look familiar.

Woah! That is cool. Reminds me of the portable battery chargers that are dispense from the machines in Las Vegas.

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Now, AnkerBox is widely promoted in China. In the near future, it will be seen in most countries!:sunglasses: