Ankerbox ... Innovative business idea from Anker, in Seattle!

Came across innovative solution being in use / planned or even tested across Seattle by Anker, while browsing iOS appstore called as AnkerBox

Located in businesses across Seattle, AnkerBox dispenses portable phone chargers. Chargers can be rented from and returned to any box using the AnkerBox app. Charge your phone anywhere. No cords. No outlets. No awkwardly waiting by a wall. It’s free for 30 minutes. Then, $1.99 each day.


• GRAB. Get a phone charger from AnkerBox using the AnkerBox app.

• GO. Use the charger anywhere and recharge your phone up to 3 times.

• RETURN. Return the charger to any AnkerBox throughout Seattle.


• See nearby AnkerBox locations, including the number of available chargers and empty slots.

• Rent a charger in less than a minute. Just enter the BOX ID and the charger type you want.

• Track the length and cost of your rental, and see your rental history.


The app features the below:

Quick Rent: Rent a charger in less than 10 seconds with Quick Rent.

Low Battery Reminder: Get a notification when you’re near an AnkerBox and your battery drops below 30%.

Would be great to see this in feature released for other cities such a San Francisco, NYC :+1:

AnkerBox is available on iOS and Android.

@AnkerOfficial is this a beta test or actually in production for users to use it out. Missed to check this out when I was in Seattle couple of weeks back :frowning:


This has been featured and discussed numerous times on here…search my friend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I did search it before I posted… but nothing showed up :frowning: believe i messed it up in the search :nauseated_face:

Have flagged my own post to be removed or be unlisted

I think your post is fine, I was just pointing out it’s been discussed. And why not bring it to light and discuss is more? I think these boxes should be in more places and available to be used by everyone and not just specific markets


Thank you! This is something of lot of help … may be similar to the recent pop-up stores but more of prominent presence in many more cities near to train stations or airports. I keep seeing lot of folks running short of battery juice while commutes who forget to charge cell at night

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I think if they would set them up in train stations, airports and hospitals, they would have great success


Defiantly something I would be interested in if they had them here. Could be convenient if it was near places I go- If I was hanging out in town…

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AnkerBox is now very popular in the Chinese restaurant, cafes and other public locations. I used it when I was eating with my friends at the restaurant yesterday. It was very convenient!


So I assume you will be moving to other locations if it’s popular?

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Mall locations would be very popular here in the US


Are there any plans of deploying this across other US cities, ?

This would be great in Hospitals, when I had my knee surgery, there was a bunch of people in the waiting room fighting over plug space and trying to charge their phones


:grinning::sunglasses::hugs: Wow! Now that’s innovation right there Anker
This is what we need more of @AnkerTechnical


Great concept!
Now it needs to be deployed widely and numbers will guide you when people needs it, such as Hospitals, shopping malls, transit locations etc.,
kudos @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical