AnkerBox in china

I recently visited China, I am amazed by the AnkerBox! They are everywhere! I saw them in a milk tea shop, restaurant, hotel and etc!

I have seen someone borrow/return the powerbanks, and it was very convenient and easy.

Because I had my Powercore 1000 with me I didn’t try the Anker box but now i think about it I should have tried it!


They look awesome! Thanks for sharing the photo of it. :ok_hand:t2:

Yes finally someone has come across one. Earlier this yea they posted about it and the initial market was Seatle, but since it didn’t fair as well so they turned their main focus to the China market which is where it thrives
Here is one of the original photos


That would be great in a pinch, could really see airports in the states use them since there is never a working outlet when you need one.

The problem is that almost every airport has these, which as you can tell cost an arm and a leg. If Anker was to have these installed at Airports they would have to have a constant supply of refresh batteries to put into the machine because I can see people getting them and never returning them for the sake of convenience

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Anker could just put them in areas of airports these aren’t, because I have been through about a dozen airports this year so far and have yet to see one of those systems anyway.

I would love to see one of these in person…AnkerBox. Wayyyyy cool!

I’m impressed! This is very convenient, as @Monk3e states this would be great in airports or even malls. For some reason my kids are always walking around with very little juice on their phones. I wonder how much it would cost to rent a charger from AnkerBox?

I dunno how you haven’t seen one of these in an airport, they are in all major city airports and even in some places of business. Either way Anker would have to fight for the contract and pay for the real estate space these would occupy, something that i dont see happening due to it hasnt been well received here in the states. Hence why they focused on the Chinese market instead

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I think these would be good in hospitals, especially considering the lengthy wait in some. And due to the fact that sometimes you need to go in a rush, a battery pack / charger won’t always come to mind before you leave.

Well I figured I would look on their site for locations, I feel a little better since I didnt miss something like these. My last 4 airports (Dallas, Denver, Charlottesville and Chicago) dont have any listing for them. They are all over Philadelphia airport, so I will have to look next time I fly out from there.

While looking at a map for them, I did find they have them in hotels and other places, but hospitals would make a killing, 20 bucks for a fully charged pack in a pinch is huge.

Well to answer this the easiest way possible why I haven’t seen one at an airport is that I carry an Anker PowerCore+ 26800 and before this one the Anker PowerCore II 20000. I have horse “Anker” blinders on when passing by these things

Wow, that’s a really cool idea!

Haha you found it! AnkerBox is pretty popular in China. If you have your credits over 600 scores in Alipay, an online payment platform which almost every Chinese is using, then you could rent a power bank without a deposit. It costs 1 RMB (around 0.15 dollar) per hour and top 10 RMB per day. It’s quite cheap and very convenient since you can find it in malls, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores and etc.


Omg these are so cool I wish they had them here the states