Anker ZOLO Liberty+ - Wirless Earphones - Battery Replacement of Wireless Bud

I purchased Zolo Liberty+ wireless earphones last year in September 2018, about 2-3 months back the right piece started giving me less time. Currently, its battery is drained within 10-15 mins after full charge. The left piece is still working fine, gives me around 3hrs on average.
I tried contacting the local distributor here in KSA, since 2-Years of warranty was mentioned in the box but he didn’t entertain my request saying that reduced battery backup isn’t coverd under warranty. I tried contacting Zolo and Anker services but they also didn’t process the warranty saying since you didn’t purchase from our official stores so we are not liable for this warranty.
Did anyone face this issue before? Can we replace the batteries of buds by our-self?
I don’t want my investment to go invain within 4 months of purchase. Appreciate your support.

Are you sure the battery is being charged fully? Also i have taken these a part, and the battery isnt something that can be replaced very easily as you have to meticulously cut open the housing and once done the only way to reassemble is by using glue or some other means to close it back up.

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I think the battery inside ZOLO buds can be replaced since they are a commercially available but unfortunately you cannot access it without destroying the case. So the short answer is forget that and get a new product.

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Have you tried contacting support
Customer Support: Or support@Anker.Com

Try connecting with them, explain the issue, provide all details you mentioned here. It is worth a try since you mention 2 year warranty on the box.

Edit- read the warranty part late, Hate to say it but would suggest you check on the deals section here in the community and get a new one.

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