Anker Zolo Liberty Wireless Earbuds

These are the best earbuds!

They fit in my ears comfortably! And these actually stayed in place while I was working out!

The music quality is amazing! I can hear and feel the bass! They are truly incredible!

I also like that I’m able to answer phone calls with the built in microphone!

They come with different size cushions to fit securely!

They have a holding case to charge them or use it to store them when not in use! Also, they include a charging cable!


Hope you enjoy them for a long time!

another useless points farming post with no content or pictures
@ndalby @TechnicallyWell what do you think? examples of some of the other posts by this user. Actually the content for 2 different items are exactly the same :rofl:

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On the other hand if you would like to participate in conversations you will be welcomed with open arms.


@Miranda_Fahey As previously requested on another one of your posts, can you expand more on your reviews and perhaps include some photos?

While reviews for products are welcome, a number of your started topics seem more like generic cut & paste comments rather than a review of the item and might possibly be considered as posting for points by community members and/or the site admins…


I’m also starting to wonder if she has a lifetime supply of exclamation marks… :thinking::smirk:


Exclamation points don’t bother me. I like the enthusiasm.

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