Anker wireless fast charger 7.5 Wats - Review

So here is my review on the anker wireless fast charger 7.5 wats:
So first impressions it’s got a great build and the price is very cost friendly for £19.99 you are getting one of the best bang for your buck wireless chargers on the market! For my comparison to back up my points I am using the standard Belkin wireless charger seriously don’t waste your money on that thing you will be disappointed and it costs £34.99!

This anker fast charger is great for my iPhone XS no fafing about with finding the sweet spot on the wireless charger like the Belkin anker products also last for years and have a good re sell rate and it charges it very quickly and it has a sleek build one that you can put on your desk with no problems and it’s not a big clunk!
Overall a great value wireless charger two :+1::+1: from me!


Thanks for the review! Do you find it easier than the wireless charging pad?

Yes much easer becuase it has two coils and you plop your phone on and boom it’s charging :slightly_smiling_face:

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great review. I have one of these and love it. It sits next to my computer.

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Nice quick evidence thanks for including a picture

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Nice review. Picture is nice too! I will be making a review for mine soon :grin:

The stands are FAR EASIER, than pads

Stands… Plonk your phone down, the led glows, your phone is charging.

Pads… Wiggle n waggle phone until the device flashes to say it’s charging… Careful as you remove your hand, as don’t want to knock it off the sweet spot. No glowing led to show it’s charging.


Great review. Thanks

nice review

Thanks for sharing your review!

I have this one, and the 10w for Samsung.

They’re great, so simple to use.

LED is night time friendly.

I have the 10w beside my chair (this one fast charges my Galaxy S10 Plus) and the 7.5w (10w for Samsung phones) on my bedside. Using the SCREENSAVER mode on my phone, it’s like an alarm clock.

I highly recommend any of the stands.

Totally agree, the stand is better. I have one next to my bed and another next to the couch

Nice quick review and comparison. Glad to added the photo as well

Good review, thanks for sharing your experience!

I use the stand, when available :smile: my wife uses it for her phone.