Anker Wireless Charging

The Anker Wireless Charger PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad comes in a little light blue box. inside ther is: one usb port cable, one plug, the happy card, one welcome guide and the device. When I turn on the Wireless Charging Pad, (without the cellphone) one red light is on, that means it is charging the pad. When I put the cellphone on the pad, one blue light is on. I use my cellphone with a protective case, and also the pad made wireless charging. The phone must be placed in good shape centered on the device for optimum performance. The time of charging is good. For me it was nice and comfortable, because the phone is not connected to any type of cable.


Good review and demo photos, especially showing a case attached while charging :thumbsup:

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Good review!

Future is coming :v:

Nice review. That reminds me of a hot plate or one of those mug warmers. I like the blue light though.

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Will the red light slowly flash when you turn on the Wireless Charging Pad? :grin: