Anker Wireless Chargers with Cases

Today I was looking at a couple of Anker’s wireless chargers on Amazon.

To my surprise, for most models, Anker says to remove your case before placing your device on the charging pad.

Does this mean the Anker chargers are just too weak / not efficient enough? I know that Apple is pushing wireless charging with your case on, and I thought the rest of the QI industry was using the same standard. Is Anker the exception, or is this just to be safe?

I was also curious if there were anything special about the wireless chargers “optimized for iPhone 8/X” from Mophie/Belkin vs a charger from Anker.


Imo, I think the suggestion to remove the case first is due to the loss of power over wireless charging. Not to mention how much slower wireless charging is, that anything in the way of also hampers the time it takes to charge

Thanks for your question Josh, if you see some Anker wireless charger reviews on YouTube, you will find even with case the phone still can be connected. So don’t worry!:grin:

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Thanks for your question Josh, if you see Anker wireless charger’s review on YouTube, you will find even though the phone with it’s case, it’s still can be connected with the charger, so don’t worry!:grin:

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Thank you!

@nigelhealy - Do you think removing the case would make it much more efficient?

depends. If you are throwing more than required energy into EM to ensure despite the case that the maximum the phone can ingest, then the removal of the case will not help. If though a lower power output and the case causes the phone to see less than it can ingest, then the case removal will help. It would be phone dependent, and easy to test - time it!


Let’s say wireless charging didn’t work through a case.

Then the debate would become is it worth it to remove your case every time just to avoid plugging in?

If the case is plastic or ceramic then it will work, all that happens is distance is increased, EM is reduced to the square of distance, so it becomes less efficient. You can solve it via throwing sheer more total energy out.

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also to those that have the magnetic mounts and the metal plate that needs to be attached to the case. The plate would interfere.

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Depends how it is constructed. You could make a stand which reflects rather than absorbs.

Wider: I suggest wireless is more top-up, slow charging, good for bed side charging, office desk charging, but the fact EM energy dissipates with distance makes is always hard to be a full replacement for a wire.