Anker Wireless Charger support iPhone X and iPhone 8 Wireless charging?

I wonder did Anker Wireless Charging product is already support for iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+ wireless charging or not ?

I would think they would as the iPhone 8 will be using the Qi charging standard. Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm?

Since Apple already launch the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8+ and they all support Qi wireless charging
i wonder did anker wireless charger already support for the new iPhone X ?

Hi @Lasika, thanks for your question, we are in the process of testing products, once we finished the testing, the results will be announced ASAP!:hugging:

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I hope Anker will have a wireless charger system for the new Apple range, as there are 2 other manufacturers trumpeted already, and neither of them I like as much.

Do you think there will be a wireless charger-pad like the Airpower?

Hi @Rob_Harvey, thanks to let me know you love our brand, it’s ok if others have started already, let them have fun while they can.:grin: It’s true that there have been many delays for Anker Charging products lately, but we have to do the best we can with what we have.:sunglasses:

Go Anker Go Anker, i never charge my iPhone using other brand except Anker

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Like they always say, slow and steady wins the race.
Others may be first to market but by Anker taking their time they can perfect it better this making and keeping customers happier in the long run

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Working perfect, I use in my iPhone 8 plus

Another multi coil model would be nice as placement can be tricky compared to some other brands have tried.

Or just make the charging surface larger so it extends to the edge of the charging pads

Yeah more coils :wink: