ANKER wireless charger Chare speed issue wit iOS 13.2.2 *12* ANKER chargers tested

All since I updated my family’s iPhone’s to iOS13. I noticed that they started charging under 5W
All tests are using
Multiple iPhones
Multiple Outlets
Multiple ANKER Charge blocks
ANKER AK-A2013115 Quick Charge 3.0, Anker 18W 3Amp USB Wall Charger

This is what I know so far please advise

Lets start with these
Anker AK-A2523011 PowerWave Evo Stand 7.5W Fast Wireless Charger
I own 4
These did not charge at 7.5W on iOS 12 until I used the cable from a Anker AK-848061056761
PowerWave 7.5 Stand, 7.5W Fast Wireless Charger (White).

I Tested all 4 using 4 phones and 4 changers different outlets

Now on iOS 13 it averages 3.57W

Same or close results with the 6 other 7.5 wireless chargers I own

Anker AK-848061056761 PowerWave 7.5 Stand, 7.5W Fast Wireless Charger (White) x1
Anker AK-B2514111 Wireless Charger, PowerWave 7.5 Pad with Internal Cooling Fan, 7.5W (BLACK) x1
Anker AK-A2501011 PowerWave Fast Wireless Charging Pad, Qi-Certified, 7.5W (Black) x3
Anker B2514121 PowerWave 7.5 Pad, 7.5W Fast Wireless Charger (White) x1

These average 3.57 as well but were sold as 5W
Anker AK-A2523011 PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand, 5W Standard Qi-Certified Wireless Charger (Black) x2

Help and Thanks


Imagine Apple limited the speed of wireless chargers if they aren’t sold on the Apple store…

“iOS Upgrades” don’t bring improvements or bug fixes to security as they claim… they are here to make your current iPhone obsolete so you can purchase their IPhone 11 Max Pro!!!

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Apple switched to optimized battery life with iOS 13 and up, read this article on what it is and how to disable it

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I have read that this iOS 13 is full of bugs.
Seems to be a real “wormy apple”


Lol at wormy apple :rofl:

i had issues with the Powerwave Pad and the Apple Charger as well… Never worked with our iPhone 11… as soon as i switched to the Anker 2 port charger and plugged into the Green port, it worked even with the otterbox case on …

I’m not using an apple charge block. Im usung the supplied
ANKER AK-A2013115 Quick Charge 3.0, Anker 18W 3Amp USB Wall Charger

i did not get a charger with my power pad from Amazon, just a USB cable…

This has nothing to do with the optimized battery setting as some have suggested. Apple did a software update that prevents Qi wireless chargers of charging at 7.5W unless its on a certain Apple determined frequency. Its said that some Anker wireless chargers work at 7.5W with the iOS 13 update, but the PowerPad 10, and PowerWave 7.5 I have both charge at 5W. This is a stupid move, and bullshit considering Anker is sold at the Apple stores. Supposedly the only wireless chargers that still charge at ‘fast’ 7.5W are brands sold in the Apple store…i.e Native Union, Belkin, Anker…etc. This new development is because Apple wants to brand the chargers that do support 7.5W ‘Apple Fast Wireless Charging’ apparently.

While this isnt Anker’s fault, this is bullshit, and complete garbage. Being that Anker co-developed a power bank strictly for Apple(the 10000mAh pro) and probably sells more Apple accessories then any other company, they should fight for all their previous chargers to be coded into the software to be ‘Apple Fast Charging’ in my opinion. I know for me, I purchased these Anker wireless chargers because they were advertised by Anker as fast charging my iPhone. They do not do that, and are both less then 3 months old. I know this wasnt Ankers doing or fault, but they should stand behind their products and make this right, im sure there are thousands of people who otherwise would not have purchased a wireless stand or pad if they werent fast charging. Not to mention in all cases, either through Anker or another avenue, a QC charger…aka additional cost was invested for fast charging to work on these wireless chargers as well.

I will be curious to see what happens. But this is truly a infuriating move from Apple. I am an iPhone person, but do NOT support any of their other products, only their phones. With so many steps in the right direction of offering similar value to other flagships, this is a bullshit move. Qi standard is universal for a reason, it wasnt intended to be abused to develop proprietary bullshit accessories to force people into a corner, it was intended to do the exact opposite.

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For the thread starter, use a 5V/2.4A charging block instead of a QC charging block, it will give you 5V/1.3A, which is 5W to the phone. I noticed the same issue, with QC blocks it charges at 9-9.2V/.4-7A max and it jumps down to .4-.5A a lot.

Also for anyone else experiencing wireless charging slowdowns with their iPhone and many Anker wireless chargers, I have found that if you power off your iPhone…and while it is OFF(wait about 30sec after turning it off)then you place it on the wireless charger(while the phone is still off, and YES…your phone will power back ON after being placed on the wireless charger, thats fine mine did as well), my USB tester returns to the 9V/1.25A speeds being pulled from my QC wall charger to the wireless charger same as it was before iOS13. I cant confirm that this still delivers 7.5W to the phone itself as it did pre-iOS 13, though it does seem in a 10% timed test to be faster. BUT it definitely makes the charging block send 9V/1.25A to the wireless charger.

I have tested this with my iPhone XS Max, which without powering down my phone first my wireless chargers only get 9V/.6-.7A(max) when my phone is placed on them. I have tested this on the PowerWave Pad 10 (model: A2503) and PowerWave 7.5 Stand (model: A2521). It works on BOTH wireless chargers. Again, I cannot confirm it is actually delivering the additional power to the phone, and it is a pain to have to power down your phone before every time you place it on a wireless charger, but if it is a way to retain the 7.5W wireless charging speed, for now it seems to be a work around.

AGAIN I have only tested the time in which it took to charge in 10% increments without powering down getting 9V/.7A vs. 9V/1.25A and the later did finish its 10% in a faster time leading me to believe the additional power is being delivered at least in some amount to the phone itself, even if not the full 2.5W additional.

Have two Anker “PowerPort Wireless 10” flat pad chargers - Model A2513. We power these chargers with 5v - 1 Amp small block charger plugs from Apple and a third party Amazon provider. These pads have worked very well charging our iPhone 8 for the past 22 months.

Following the iOS 13 updates (we are now on iOS 13.3) the charging pads either don’t charge at all, or only charge for a portion of the deficiency in battery power. We leave our phones on the flat pads all night, only to have them at a lower battery level in the morning.

We have followed all the advice on this forum (restarting the phones, etc.) but the problem persists.

Does Anker have any suggestions regarding this apparently widespread issue caused by Apple’s iOS change? Have users discovered any fixes that don’t require re-starting the phone very time it is placed on the charging pad? Is there another Anker product that works reliably?


You need to use a wall plug that can output more than 5v 1a as that is much too low lower inputto properly charge your phone wirelessly. If you want fast wireless charging you need to get a quick charge 2/3.0 wall plug and use that with the wireless pad

Thanks Tank:

Its confusing because until a month or so ago the old 5v1amp plugs worked fine to charge in a few hours, but now they don’t. I’ll get higher powered wall plugs. What does quick charge “2/3.0” mean? Is that two volts/3 amps?

QC is a standard set by qualcomm that varies. QC 2.0 can charge at 5/9/12/20V at 2 amps, meaning it jumps to whatever the highest acceptable voltage is that the device can handle at 2 amps. QC 3.0 goes from 3.7V to 20V at 2 amps on a sliding scale rather then jumping, so it can charge a device at 6.2V@2A if that device requested it, where with QC 2.0 that would likely default to 5V@2A.