Anker Wireless 5 Stand

Looks, yes it looks good. Nice n sturdy with a good nonslip base.

The led, only comes on when you’re using the stand to charge. It’s also very subtle, and unlike other stuff I’ve had in the past, the led glow doesn’t… That’s DOES NOT … fill the room, so no strange glow, which makes it very useful as a bedside charger.

Only negative nelly, is it’s a slower charge than my wireless charger from Samsung (a pad/stand combo, but the stand isn’t great n can be fidly). I’m using the same wall charger for both, but the Samsung is definitely a quicker charge.

Now whether you’d get a full charge overnight, I don’t know (I’d have thought so at a possible 5hrs) as I dont sleep like that! Due to my disabilities, I don’t sleep for long before pain kicks in n wakes me, and I get up n take myself n phone to the front room.

If not (yes NOT) needing a quick charge or boost, then I’d recommend this product. If you do want to give your phone a boost, I’d stick to using a usb lead direct.

Overall, a great looking item, that easily sits on the nightstand, and charge slowly overnight.

was charging a Samsung Galaxy S8, with a slim PC case. Exactly the same when using both chargers.


Nice review @amangons! Thanks for posting. Just curious: what phone are you charging with it?

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Good review @amangons , thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the review, hoping to pick one of these up soon!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :grin:

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