Anker Wireless 5 Pad Review

Ask me questions if you have any! This product is very high quality from what I can tell, I have only had it for a week so I can’t say for sure, but since it is literally designed to sit in place, I have no doubts it will last. Performance is AMAZING, I have it hooked up to my powerport 5 and the charging speed is about equal to a non quick charge charger. There is a caveat though. Make SURE to use it with a high output charger. If you do not charging performance will be awful. I would have appreciated a high output charger that was included, but I understand at the pricepoint they aren’t able to. Maybe have a combo in the future that includes a charger at a slightly discounted price vs buying the two separately? The packaging the charger comes in is great and I appreciated the adhesive strip not being completely stuck down. It made it so much easier to open as seen in the pictures.

Pictures always help seal the deal for reviews…

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Totally forgot to post them.

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Thanks for your suggestions! We have delivered your thought to our PM team. Hope your advises could be used in our future improvement.:grin:

Thanks for your suggestions! We are developing standard wireless chargers combo with a 5V 2A charger , but the price will be definitely higher , maybe $3~4 higher,I am not sure if this is OK for you guys?

3 to 4 dollars higher is worth it if we don’t have to buy separately and figure out which works best