Anker will not exchange expensive defective charger!

ANKER IS NOT EXCHANGING THEIR DEFECTIVE PRIDUCT! I recieved as a gift. I have personally purchased 3 chargers from ANKER and I was impressed that they replaced one that failed after using it for a year. I told others they should buy ANKER products. So I received a gift from someone who knew I liked ANKER products and that it was purchased over a month ago and there’s no receipt kept, but I thought no worries because it’s an ANKER product. But boy was I wrong! Be aware BEWARE that ANKER will not replace if you do not keep your receipt. Before they used to go by the serial number and they could tell how old the product was and if it was on warranty or not. I guess I will be purchasing all my products ELSEWHERE from now on and not ANKER!!!

Just curious, where did you buy this from? Without documentation considering more and more places sell anker (licensed and not), it will be harder to claim without proper docs. This really is standard operating procedure in most companies and not just Anker. Maybe the gifter can do the claim possibly?

Walmart typically accepts returns without receipts so shouldn’t have too much of an issue if that’s the case.

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Maybe the person who gifted still have the receipt

Where did your friend buy this charger? I assume they have to have a receipt whether a amazon invoice online or a physical store receipt and then you can present it and have it squared away.

Fun fact: It is illegal in 11 states to record a phone conversation without all parties consent. I’m pretty certain Anker’s call center is located in Washington which does fall under that group of 11.

With that said, I’m not really sure of any company that will do a warranty exchange without a proof of purchase. I know some companies will do exchanges after the stated warranty, but never any that would do it without proof of purchase.


Well that’s why I keep my 100s of receipts in a cabinets and boy it’s been a life saver you should try keeping yours serous lol.

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Or just register your products for their warranties when you get them.

Luckily Anker is the only company in the world that doesn’t let you register your products so should only have a handful of receipts to keep. :man_shrugging:

@kooljoekid Sorry to hear of your issues. Does the person who gifted you the item have either the physical or electronic receipt for the item, to which purchase date could be proved to Anker for a replacement?

While I get that you are frustrated over the need for this when you don’t have it, it is not an unreasonable request for Anker to make on proof of purchase and/or date of purchase.

@paulstevenewing This method of resolution is not one to be pursued or encouraged on the community, please modify your post.


Done @ndalby :+1:
Although this has been suggested before on a few occasions.


Yes, I’ve noticed it happen once or twice but I don’t think this should be expanded on as a fair method of resolution.

Thanks for deleting your post :ok_hand:


this can have serious repercussion, note that there are camera’s everywhere and if the day is bad and there is a suspicion, they may deny the return… :slight_smile: and there may be additional charges held against the person

sad to know this was mentioned in earlier posts by other members :frowning:

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There are fake Anker products about. This is why Anker won’t go by JUST serial number.

There are places that claim to sell Anker products but they’re not real Anker. They are in fact FAKES.

Anker has become such a great company loved by THIRTY MILLION people now, so companies are making crap that is no good, but pretends to be Anker. Trouble is they use serial numbers from genuine products, so if you did a check online, it would appear to be proper.

Luckily this time it was a powerbank, and not a charger, which could have caused a house fire.

I would get your friend to check where they got it from and send you the screenshot of their.purchase… confirming
Place of purchase
Item ordered
Item cost
Order number

It.will.all the confirmation email sent after purchase.



Hey @Shenoy
You could be right re further action, although if i recall, they weren’t as blatant as my post, I think they returned a few days later.
I couldn’t help applaud their ingenuity when i read it. The retailer was not helping when they should have, it was a well earned point for the consumer.