Anker we want to buy a t-shirt

Select YES or NO if you want to be able to buy a t-shirt, so we can show Anker how many of us are actually interested.

  • YES
  • NO

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It’s a yes from me… (depending on cost) :grin:


It’s a “Yes” from me :+1:

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I’d definitely be interested!

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Definitely yes. I’ve been talking about this since before the T-shirt designing contest :joy:

Tshirts and hats please

I made a mistake and tapped no while trying to scroll down on my iPad. Intended to vote yes cause think being able to buy t-shirts and hats is a great idea.

It’s a no from me but you have 3 yes :joy::joy::joy:

Yes fro me, in exchange with PBs would be great


Just select hide results and re-select yes…


I personally wouldn’t buy one, but i’m sure others would!

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I second that idea, PB for T-Shirts

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@Ice1 @Shenoy

@AnkerOfficial is considering PB for T-shirt’s. So you may see this in the future :grin:

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Thanks @TechMan

that sounds music to my ears… More ways to use the PB other than auction and powerdraw

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Yes I would love to be able to buy merch from Anker but the ones they gave to level seven and up also made me feel special cause no one can buy them you have to earn them

Or better yet, how about we get to “buy” it with our PowerBucks?

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I already have a shirt and love it but they offer more designs I would buy one (depending on pricing).

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If they are sold at an inexpensive price, I wouldn’t mind being a walking, talking billboard for Anker.

i want to buy a backpack in exchange for some pb’s

Where did you get that from?