Anker wall charger for powercore 20000

Would like to know what wall charger you would recconend to charge the the powercore 20000 charging pack
Jan barkan

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Not knowing the specific model @Janbarkan
But “generally” a charger with an 18w output would serve you well and also be great to use with other devices at home.
But if you post the model of your PowerCore we can give you a more accurate recommendation.

What exact model, there’s a dozen 20000

The model is written on it if you don’t have the original order/package.

Begins usually with an A and then 4 or 5 digits.

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As the others have mentioned without the model number we can’t tell you the “best” charger to get. But I have used and old Anker 18v output to charge most of my 20k mAh power banks for Anker and other brands.

It is a powercore essential 20000

Model is A1281. Going nuts trying to find the right anker wall charger. Thanks much

Model number is A 1281

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Ok @Janbarkan
I have that model!
You want an 18w output charger to charge that at it fastest time.
I have that PowerCore and use this to charge,

There are lots of variants to that charge. Some with dual output and some with USBC and USBA outputs depending on what other devices you may need a charger for.

A1281 =

Meaning it is actually the PD version. You didn’t say PD, it is a very important difference in charging technology.

The entry level, the minimum you need to buy is the Powerport Nano 18W. This is the USA version

UK version

There are versions with multiple ports and faster ports, which cost a little more, to help you pick then describe your other needs, phone, etc.

Yep it isPD version is there a better wall charger? I’m charging 2 iPad pros and 2 iPhone X or do the think the nano is the way to go.

An you tell me what device is charged in iq port of the charger? A little confused between the pd and iq ports

The Nano single 18W PD is a minimum.

Given what else you have I’d consider stepping up to these, pick one based on what prices in your region.

Dual 18W uk version

US version

Given even higher may make sense, at a cost, but this would would charge your Powercore as fast as is possible and your iphone. You’ll probably need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable we can help with later if you go that route.

If you wanted to do a fast charge of your iPad, we can consider stepping up to a dual 30W or a 49W, the cost goes up.

This would be fast for your two iPad and be overkill for the iphone and the Powercore

So say you wanted one charger for your ipad iphone and Powercore, this would charge your ipad fastest and the iphone and Powercore as fast as the lower cost dual and single 18W. Your Powercore is 18W, iphone 18W, iPad 30W.

Thank you so very much for all of your help. I just would like to know what is the difference between the PD
port and the IQ port that has me a bit confused. I’m definitely going to go over dual port Route 30 watts as you suggested

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