Anker vs RavPower

I’ve seen a lot of sponsored ads for RavPower on Amazon right below Anker. Anyone have any experience with their products? Is it better or worse than Anker?

They both make great products. I have had better luck with Anker replacing bad cables or cables that act up compared to RavPower

Anecdotally I have Ravpower products fail on me more than any other brand but doesnt mean anything as it can be bad luck, I’d always use mass review evidence.

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You can’t trust Amazon reviews. If you have a problem, just get on Amazon chat and get a refund.

RavPower was my very first portable battery pack. But I’ve had Anker products prior to that. Laptop batteries and power bricks after our puppy chewed up our cables.

I have tested both lines, and I would say that RavPower is more likely to ship a product that feels “Cheap”. RavPower construction is also average at best. I would never backpack with a RavPower product.