Anker vortex review that I’m dumbfounded about on amazon

I was just checking the reviews on the new anker vortex over the ear headphones on amazon and notice this review which I found really dumb. I was looking to purchasing a pair for my flight to Chicago from California but it’s sold out.


@AnkerOfficial - you may want to report this user to Amazon… Link below to all the user reviews.

Look at the reviews that have been made against Anker products?! A few other brands in there, but mostly yours…


I don’t even understand what that person’s point is. They’re just spamming one-star reviews for all kinds of headsets from different companies anyway, i reported her review and recommend others do the same.


Some people get paid to bash companies, I’m sure this is one of those cases

Yeah thats a bit ridic. I’d just report and move along with my day.

Some people have way too much time on their hands…just a shame Amazon never jump on these sort of reviews as quick as they like jumping on others :unamused:


For real, I just recently got an email from Amazon saying my review didn’t contend with their rules and guidelines for posting. I gave a 2 star review for an item that failed up second use, 2 stars because 1 still worked while the other didn’t. I didn’t bash the company or anything or say anything other than the item failed possibly due to defect or poor craftsmanship, and the flagged it.

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So this is what I was doing wrong with my Amazon reviews… I wasn’t copying and pasting the same two lines over and over again! No wonder they deleted me! :joy:


What in the world is this person hoping to gain? They aren’t actually going to disrupt the market; their reviews will be deleted and no one will ever know they existed. Lol.


Whats the pay? :smirk: lol[quote=“elmo41683, post:4, topic:59941, full:true”]
Some people get paid to bash companies, I’m sure this is one of those cases

I have never done it, but I have been asked before in the past by some companies. Pay was whatever product they offered and if if promoted their product over others i would also get paid direct to my PayPal based on how many reviews I posted. Again, I have never done this as it’s just wrong and brings false hope to those who have genuinely good products

Looks like this person has multiple fake accounts judging by it being flagged as helpful exactly 4 times for each comment.

They like plastic shoe covers.

Amazon proved itself useless as a a source of balanced reviews a long time ago. I just go there for cheap stuff having formed my opinions elsewhere.

But the cynic in me just sees Brexit, Trump, religion, etc where if you make your lies big enough they get believed.

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She’s got a new account. She either a troll or being paid to one star products. When I get home tonight I will report all of her reviews.

That’s some nasty marketing tactics. I wonder how effective it is. Of course, it’s nasty no matter the effect.

Maybe we should start taking note of which brands endorse those things. Is there a way to check which products an user five-starred?

While three quarters of UK adults use online review websites, almost half of those believe they have seen fake reviews, according to a survey of 1500 UK residents conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and shared with BBC 5 live Investigates.

Some US analysts estimate as many as half of the reviews for certain products posted on international websites such as Amazon are potentially unreliable.
BBC 5 live Investigates identified several of these groups and, within minutes of joining, was approached with offers of full refunds on products bought on Amazon in exchange for positive reviews.

“5 star is better for us” said one person making such an offer, in an exchange of messages with the BBC. “We value our brand, will refund you as we promised … All my company do in this way.”

Not Amazon but on Ebay I got a product which was not as claimed, gave a negative review being totally honest sticking to facts, and they said they would give me a refund once I reviewed upwards my negative review. What that tells is I cannot trust their reviews as they are bribing their average score upwards.

More room for sites like this community, where a decent review will be revealed by effort to get into the details.