Anker vertical mouse stop to work from USB HUB after connecting WIFI dongle to the HUB

i have purchased a vertical mouse from amazon; everything worked fine for 1 week using the USB dongle from an USB HUB; mouse stopped to work when I connect to the USB HUB also a Wi-FI dongle. Battery already replaced even if 1 week of operation.

Who’s mouse, who’s dongle and who’s hub?

Sounds like a too little power problem, WiFi is power intensive.

this is the mouse with its dongle:
this is the USB HUB:

i do not believe it is a little power problems; there other devices connected to the USB HUb and all are working fine

Who’s WiFi dongle?

Also you almost certainly need to have the WiFi dongle in that powered port on the end as the rest are sharing little power.

WIFI dongleÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=usb+wifi+adapter+ac&qid=1590575965&sr=8-46

WIFI dongle is exactly to the end

Ok, the WiFi dongle is

Operating Voltage: 5.0 V DC ±10% • Current Consumption: 880 mA

The hub is

5V / 4A

The high power port is 2.4A

So it’s not a power problem. So that means it’s either a hub problem or software in computer problem, much harder to fix.

Suggest you try plugging everything in different sequences. Plug in the WiFi to the hub, plug in hub to computer, then plug in mouse. Also if you have different USB A ports on computer try them. This is easier to try and hope work than having to go into the OS and debug devices.

This isn’t the mouse fault, it’s all 4 components not liking something. I’m thinking the plugging in the WiFi is making the hub act differently and the mouse needs adding last to make it add as a new device.