Anker Users in the UK?

Introduce yourself if you are from UK with the product you own?

“From UK” but not in UK. I’m a world traveler who lives out of a 16L backpack with sometimes long periods away from mains power. I bought a Powercore 10000 when last UK as needed it quickly and it was the same cost as in USA, bought the UK version of the Powerport2 for the UK plug but mostly prefer the Powerport 5 USB and use a UK power cord when visiting UK or a USA power cord and attach the US-UK adapter which works out about the same size.

People like you are cool. Do you live in a car?


No mostly on a bike.

The UK plugs are massive!

UK Powerport2 vs USA Powerport2 with the folding pins.

Are towns really that close where you live that you can ride your bike there? Or can you take a bus that holds the bike while you go places?

The UK is so small you can cross from diagonally opposite corners in 2 weeks on bike or just coast to coast in say 2 days on bike.

UK is the home of this:

Towns are usually a few miles apart and yes plenty of bus and rail services.

UK is a little backward in some areas like you don’t tend to find mains sockets in so many places. It is forwards in that the electricity it more powerful so you can make tea and toast faster.

That bike is awesome! I like that buses and bikes are used more often there. If you see someone riding their bike here, it’s either for pleasure or exercise but not for commuting.

Trying to keep a UK focus…

The price of petrol “gas” is quite a bit higher due to a lot more tax added. So using today’s exchange rate picking a mid-sized town is 113pence per liter, which converts to $5.39/Gallon. The price of gas in USA is $1.83 picking like-for-like town size. So UK is about 3x as expensive for gas as USA. Whenever I do that calc I usually get 2.5x so perhaps I’m picking too low a USA price. Around where I live in a heavily taxed part of USA price is $2.53 so that narrows the ratio to 2.13x so even expensive USA locations still less than half the price of UK.

What tends to show up as more public transport and smaller cars.

Pick a google street view and compare car sizes.

I drop in from space on a random street of the type the lower half of the earners occupy Google Maps

Compare to a random street in USA Google Maps

(these are their countries 2nd cities basically Manchester UK vs Chicago USA in the densely populated areas a typical commute distance from work)

You see this is in car sales (a bit more scientific than random space drop in and look)

UK most popular car is 44 to 88 miles per gallon and the USA most popular car is 24 to 33mpg. So that is roughly matching fuel cost ratio by fuel consumption ratio.

With the UK population being 7x denser your average distances for common journeys like commute to work is lower, but that same density means they step on each a lot more and average commute times about 3x higher.

So what tends to mean is the short distance slowness makes cycling relatively more attractive to a UK person. You also have less severe weather, summers in UK are not as hot in USA, winters in UK not as cold in USA so for most days its cycle’able.

For power, the averages in UK are thus longer away from power during commute but not so long a mobile would become flat during the commute.

Now my folding bikes have a dynohub, a SON hub and B&M Luxos U light with a USB power port on the handlebars so I can ride and charge my phone. This is more related to diversity of power supply, not relying on just 1 thing.

I keep coming back to just a couple of Anker products of Powerport2, Powerport5, Powercore 10000.

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UK Anker user here. Between my wife and I we have:

PowerPort (5 port)
3000 mAh powercube
16,000 mAh powercore
2 x 21,000 mAh powercore
1 x 26,800 mAh powercore

This doesn’t count the Ankers that friends have bought on our recommendation :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. Which version of the 26800 you get, I think there been about 3 versions.

Hard to tell. Can’t even find the text on it anymore. Would be good if that lasted a bit longer Anker.

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UK Fan, own alot of products (3 draws full of cables alone) I’ll list them one day! My latest 3 purchases are; SoundBuds Sport IE 20; PowerPort Speed 5 and PowerCore Slim 5000