Anker USB Data Hub Some connected external hard drive disconnects after a few hours at idle

I just got the USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 1 BC 1.2 Charging Port and I have a handful of powered 2.0 and 3.0 external hard drives and digitizing drawing tablet connected.

The older drives are used for backup and file storage. The others are used are high speed drives I use as a media server and image storage I use daily.

I’ve noticed since hooking up the drives and the USB hub that the drives start disconnecting after few hours. I notice this when my media server stopped downloading and error messages in the logs showing the drives going offline.

Then my image server would pop up with disconnected message. These are brand new drives and don’t do this when connected directly the computer.

Sleep mode is turned off since this computer Is also my media server.

Has anybody have this issue with a hub? Any suggestions on how to fix.

Just curious if these drives are drawing power directly from the hub? Reason I ask is because I used a different non anker hub and it did this to me. I found the same that after a few hours it would disconnect because there wasn’t enough power draw to keep it powered up. I ended up having to use a dual usb to hard drive cable for one of my drives and anot her had to be powered externally because even with the dual cable it couldn’t sustain it’s power requirement

I do not have that model, a quick check show it is a powered hub so the eliminates the usual obvious.

Good luck. Do the usual of upgrade everything’s firmware and power down, drink a cup of tea, power up, fixes most issues. The tea is best drunk looking out a window. I am semi-joking because often geeks need to get distance from the problem to realize the solution.

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I had this problem a while back and read somewhere that there is a program you can download to keep the drives awake but I never got it and just decided to connect my drives directly to the computer. I sure you can find the program.